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This was probably the least satisfying episode of the series so far.

In Satisfaction Season 1 Episode 8 Neil struggled with all that he has done and how to keep it under wraps, Simon wrestled with his feelings for Grace and Adriana threw a twist into the mix when she offered herself up as Neil's next client.

Even with everything that happened, there wasn't a lot to dig into, which is unlike the previous hours.

An Ominous Warning - Satisfaction

Once again, much like past weeks, if we made an attempt to piece together what would happen based on the promos, we found out we were incredibly wrong. Neil worried needlessly about Mallory's husband, even installing an alarm system, but he never made a move. The fight scene was in Neil's incredibly active imagination.

Neil's decided to put the funny business behind him. At least that was his intention before Simon outed him to Grace. That was done in the very last scene, so there wasn't much to grasp onto with regard to her reaction to the news. The previews appear to show her packing but I don't have any faith in previews whatsoever.

Simon only told Grace that Neil caught them together. He attempted to smooth that over by admitting his deep feelings for her, but that didn't fly to well for poor Simon. Given Adriana's similar feels for Neil, we can bet she'll be pushing Simon even harder to make a move for Grace. But if Grace is going to leave her husband for someone, it will more likely be Dylan.

I'm disappointed that Grace and Dylan flirted so openly at the burlesque club, and even more so that neither Neil or Stephanie noticed. Do they really think Grace is so insignificant that nobody would want her? Why was Neil burying his nose in his new home invasion app? That thing didn't even work. Anika managed to walk right out the door without even setting it off!

Did the pony chair Grace purchased for Adriana's house represent something I'm not understanding? Other than that she thought Neil would shoot her for bringing home such an expensive and pointless chair? Perhaps it reminds her how very different they are that she cannot enjoy home furnishings as lavish as she would like.

While Mateo and Anika started out as something admirable, I no longer like the direction of their little relationship. At first Mateo's concern was that their song wouldn't be their own and wanted to turn down the deal. That's a valid concern. But when she discovered she wouldn't be a part of the deal, he wanted to forge ahead all of a sudden. It was Anika's song! 

Now it appears he's just using her. He'll sign a deal, get the money and never see her again. Anybody else getting that feeling? Slowly but surely, their entire family is going to fall apart at the seams. It's already unraveling, they just haven't noticed yet.

Neil should have come clean with Grace as soon as he recognized how much he loves her and wants to make the marriage work. Putting his faith into to high class call people to keep his secret was a very poor choice. Neil's smart enough to recognize the signs they're giving off and they aren't indications that they're rooting for him to make a go at a future with his wife.

Matt Passmore and Stephanie Szostak did wonders with their limited bedroom scene together and it's pretty obvious there is a lot for Neil and Grace to work with to reconnect, it's just a matter of whether they can get the truths out and move past the damage they've done to their marriage.

You're turn! Did you see more in the hour than I did? It's the first time I wasn't scribbling notes for quotes and the recap. The hour flew as usual, but without setting my heart pounding. What about you? Don't forget, if you missed it, you can watch Satisfaction online to catch up with all us cool cats!

Satisfaction...Through Security Review

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