The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Trust Issues

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There were two main storylines on The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 2: finding a way to come up with the bail money for Cary; and Diane's big (and overdue) goodbye!

What I love about The Good Wife is that the writers always find a way to jam pack 42 minutes with so many storylines that intertwine and always keep us wanting more. Tonight's installment did not disappoint!

Behind Plexiglass - The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 2

1.3 Million Dollars

As Cary spent his fifth day in jail, Diane worked to get him out with bail money funded by Mr. Bishop. Alicia was questioned by Finn, and Bishop faced having to testify, so he quickly pulled back his offer, which came as no big surprise.

Alicia worked to take out a second mortgage on her apartment, but the idea was squashed by Peter Florrick who refused to sign off on it (both of their names are on the lease). I often question Peter's decisions, but felt this was the right move as Governor. It could have come back to haunt him and as he pointed out, "Your signature doesn't go away!"

In between coming up with ideas for Cary's bail, Alicia met with Mrs. Deena Gross, or Miss Lampard as she prefers to be called, and deposed witnesses on a class action suit brought against Chum Hum for poaching employees! 

In the end, thanks to some great deposition work which no doubt impressed Deena, Chum Hum offered an advance payment and they were able to post Cary's bail!


Diane announced to her firm that she would be "retiring", forgetting to mention that she was joining forces with Florrick Agos & Associates. It was then that we were introduced to Dean Levine-Wilkins (played by the handsome and talented Taye Diggs), an attorney Diane originally recruited to work for Lockhart Gardner. 

There are not enough happy emoticons to express how excited I am to see Taye Diggs join the cast. Dean was encouraged by Diane to join her at Florrick Agos & Associates, but he had some serious reservations after checking out the firm (amidst all the construction and Gunther - who provided some great comic relief throughout the episode).

Diane nailed it when she spoke to Dean about working for a firm with a strong mission with minority leaders, and in the end Dean (and a handful of others from Lockhart Gardner) joined Diane at Florrick Agos & now Lockhart & Associates! 

As Diane glanced at her watch as the seconds counted down to 5:00 p.m. on her last day, I couldn't help but get a little emotional watching her look around at what she created, and now what she was walking away from. It was a weight off her shoulders, a chapter that needed to close, especially with Will no longer there, and a new beginning. I can't wait to see what is next for her! 

"I'm not running."

Alicia made it pretty clear to anyone that would listen that she has no plans of running for State's Attorney. Eli did everything he could to change her decision, but as the episode wrapped up she was still determined not to run. I don't anticipate this storyline going away anytime soon; there was a moment in the elevator where Alicia looked like she could consider it. We all know Eli, and he is not going to stop pushing!

Hug It Out

As the episode wrapped up, Alicia walked off the elevator and found Cary, released from jail, waiting for her. The dynamic between these two characters is fun to watch each week, and their hug at the end (which Cary pointed out they have never done before), solidified just how much they were in this together. 

If the previews for next week are any indication, it looks like Cary faces a long road to getting the bogus charges against him dropped. I hope they don't let this case linger for too long, as Cary is best in the courtroom and working for his clients. How did you feel about the latest turn of events for our favorite lawyers? Don't miss a moment of the action and watch The Good Wife online.

What do you think is the biggest roadblock standing in the way of Cary's freedom? 

Trust Issues Review

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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

"Documents don't go away. Your signature doesn't go away."

Peter Florrick

"I'm not running."