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With bail set at 1.3 million, Alicia worked to find a way to come up with the money after Mr. Bishop backs out of his offer to pay it. After getting a second mortgage approved on her house, Peter quickly refuses to sign the papers and Alicia continues to scramble to get Cary out. 

Meanwhile, Alicia meets with Deena Gross (Lampard) to work on deposing witnesses for a class action suit on employee poaching. In the end, Alicia impresses and Chum Hum offers to pay an advance, which allows the firm to post Cary's bail!

Eli continues to push Alicia to run for State's Attorney, recruiting White House official Valerie Jarrett to speak to Alicia. Eli also runs some polls which favorably showcase Alicia, but she insists she is still not running!

Diane informs her firm she is retiring, but forgets to mention she is joining forces with Florrick Agos & Associates. New attorney Dean, who was recruited by Diane to join Florrick Gardner jumps ship with Diane (and a handful of others from Lockhart Gardner). 

Cary is released from prison and waiting for Alicia when she steps off the elevator at Florrick Agos & now Lockhart. They share a hug for the first time and talk about all the changes.

The Good Wife
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The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

"Documents don't go away. Your signature doesn't go away."

Peter Florrick

"I'm not running."