The Strain: Watch Season 1 Episode 10 Online

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Our little genius, Zach, uses his knowledge of a Mac and GPS to locate Kelly's phone on The Strain Season 1 Episode 10.

Eph, ever the optimist, gets excited by the news the phone's signal is moving around by day. Clearly his ex-wife is not infected. He will ultimately struggle with what he learns throughout the day.

Dutch and Fet devise a clever plan to sneak into Palmer's offices and set things right. That's easier said than done though, as Palmer is on to them.

The dying billionaire takes the opportunity to gloat about his impending immortality and Fitzwilliam takes a stand.

Via flashbacks we witness the 32 hours prior to Kelly's disappearance. The events are truly chilling.

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The Strain Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

We need to look at all the decommissioned tunnels and lines near the World Trade Center.


Palmer: Human DNA decays as we age. Over time it frays and it fails and we follow suit. But it's a code that can be rewritten. Re-write the software and you control the hardware. The meat, muscle and tissue that is mankind.
Dutch: To what end?
Palmer: If hacking is about exploring the limits of what is possible, then I am on the verge of achieving what you would consider the ultimate hack. Cheating death.
Dutch: Immortality?
Palmer: Yes