Z Nation Cast: Meet the Survivors

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It's funny to hear folks ask "another zombie show?"

Aside from The Walking Dead and BBC's In the Fleshthere aren't nearly as many zombie series as there are CSIs or medical dramas. So why not another zombie TV show?

Z Nation differs from The Walking Dead in several fundamental ways. For one, these survivors are in search of a cure which is something Rick and company have long since given up on. Plus we have a known survivor who's blood might be the key to a cure.

Secondly, Z Nation does not shy away from using the term "zombie." The series uses it proudly and as often as possible. And these guys are no walkers, by the way. They will chase you down and take a bite out of you before you can say apocalypse.

I'm sure I am not the only Walking Dead fan that found The Walking Dead Season 4 draggy and uneventful at times. Well, Z Nation is the cure for your Walking Dead blues. This series is non-stop zombie killing action and an intense ride that doesn't let up.

Humankind’s survival is at stake here, people. So take a moment to meet the ragtag band of heroes that race across post-apocalyptic America to save our species.

Z Nation premieres on Friday, September 12 at 10/9c on Syfy.

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Let's not cry because she's gone, but let us smile because she was here.


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