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On Arrow Season 3 Episode 4 Nyssa discovered Sara was dead and Oliver and Team Arrow learned Malcolm Merlyn was alive.

Considering Sara had evidence on her person that proved she was tracking Malcolm, he was the number one suspect in her death. When Team Arrow and Nyssa find Malcolm, he has another story to tell entirely.

Can Malcolm Merlyn be trusted to tell the truth about Sara? Does his new relationship with his daughter Thea prove that Malcolm is turning over a new leaf? Does he care so much for her that he would swear on her life his innocence in Sara's death? Would it mean anything?

If Malcolm did not kill Sara, then who did? He has a finger and he had no problem pointing it at another famous dad. One who has not yet graced the Arrowverse on The CW. 

Whle she was in town, Nyssa got to know Laurel a little. How do you think the two got along? Do you think Nyssa approved of Laurel wearing Sara's jacket, one she bought for her love herself? 

These are all things you can find out when you watch Arrow online. It's the 50th episode, so watch now!

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

You guys are professional killers. That's a pretty low bar.


Laurel: You were the one that showed her the darkness inside. You -- and your father.
Nyssa: I know you grieve, but so do I. I didn't show Sara the darkness, Laurel. It was already inside of her when we met. When I found her alone, starving and terrified, I protected her. I took Sara into my heart and I loved her with all of my soul. And that jacket. I gave it to Sara as a gift. You are not fit to wear it.