Marry Me Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Scary Me

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Nothing says maternal instinct like withholding love from a child.

Annie used this tactic very well on Marry Me Season 1 Episode 3

After facing her insecurities of becoming a mother, Jake was there to remind Annie that she has nothing to worry about. 

This was the first time I could really see Annie and Jake as not just two people who like each other a lot, but as an actual supportive, loving couple. 

Annie was determined to put on a haunted house for the kids in her apartment building after she and Jake were not invited to their usual Halloween party. Annie also wanted to stick it to Julie, an especially uptight, judgmental mom.

One thing the show is doing well so far is playing up the typical hurdles everyone and every couple faces. For Annie, she was facing the possibility that she might not be maternal. 

Of course she has nothing to worry about because one kid thought she and Jake were so much fun that he refused to leave! Annie may be nervous about eventual motherhood, but her instincts are spot on about parental manipulation.

Jake: That was impressive. How'd you know that would work?
Annie: I don't know, I just kinda felt it. When you said he loved me, I realized there was nothing more powerful than withholding love.
Jake: Awe, you are going to make a great mom.

This was the first episode that I really enjoyed Jake's personality. Annie may be over-the-top most of the time, but Jake's a little nutty too. Watching the two of them tonight, I was definitely getting some Lily-Marshall vibes. I always enjoyed that relationship on How I Met Your Mother because they were a couple that not only loved each other, but were best friends. 

Jake and Annie genuinely like each other. They have the same humor and are there to have each others' backs. Jake had some great lines especially when defending Annie or being snarky with Julie strictly because Annie doesn't like her. 

Jake: Perfect costume Julie [dressed as a bumble bee]. You know, Annie and I are always talking about how you're such a "b".
Julie: Well I heard...
Jake: [interrupting] No no no no, you're an exceptional "b".
Julie: Okay get it. I got it the first time.
Jake: You're a straight up "b".

I thought the zombie Ricky and Lucy was a cute couple's costume, and it was nice to see them working together throughout the episode. I could see them both making great parents and putting on an awesome haunted house every year. 

Do I think the episode ended a little corny? Yes. Was it wrapped up in a nice little bow? Yes. However, I don't mind a little cheese if it's presented in a palatable way. I'm not tired of watching this couple yet, which is a good thing considering it's only been three episodes.

What I'm not thrilled about so far is the use of the supporting characters. I'm just not attached to any of them yet. Tonight was really the only episode so far where they were more on their own. 

I'm really not fond of Gil. I'm not sure if the writers want us to pity him or laugh at him. So far he's been wrapped up in his divorce from his ex-wife, and frankly, it's not that compelling. 

I want to learn more about Kay other than the fact that she's a lesbian. It was nice to see the writers pair Kay and Gil up for the B-storyline, but I'm not convinced that they can hold their own away from Annie and Jake yet.

Another character that needs maintenance is Dennah. I think she has some funny lines here and there, but that's really it. Although, we found out tonight that she teaches preschool. Not exactly what I pictured, but let's run with it. Let's see her in the classroom. I'm sure that would make for some great comedic fodder. 

Dennah: Two years ago I went as a slutty nurse, and then last year I was a slutty judge, but this year I'm just gonna cut out the middle man and go as a slut.
Annie: We get it, you hate your parents.

I'm glad we got to see more of Jake and Annie's dynamic, but the rest of the characters need more to do. Plain and simple.

So over to you guys! What did you think of tonight's episode? Do you like seeing Annie and Jake spend more screen time together? Were you feeling the Gil/Kay storyline? What couple's costume would you sport for Halloween?

Sound off below, and don't forget you can catch up with episodes when you watch Marry Me online

Scary Me Review

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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Julie: So we're having a planning/mandatory safety meeting, and I'm required by law to invite every tenant, regardless of their inappropriate sex volume.
Jake: I'm a screamer, what can I say.
Julie: Oh, I was referring to Diane in 6B, but good for you Jake.

Dennah: Two years ago I went as a slutty nurse, and then last year I was a slutty judge, but this year I'm just gonna cut out the middle man and go as a slut.
Annie: We get it, you hate your parents.