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Marian gets to know Storybrooke as Robin Hood and their son Roman take her for ice cream which she's never had. The proprietress curses Marian's ice cream cone. 

Mary Margaret holds a fireside chat in the mayor's office. Everyone freaks out over the ice wall. Marian passes out during the meeting with icy white streaks in her hair. It's a freezing spell. The only way to cure it is an act of true love. Robin kisses her but nothing happens. 

Robin asks Regina for help. She has to take drastic measures and remove Marian's heart before it can freeze. Robin later admits that the kiss didn't work because he's in love with Regina but he will continue to stay with his wife.

Emma tells Hook to protect Elsa while she investigates. Hook tells Mr. Gold that he believes he gave Belle a fake dagger. Mr. Gold uses a piece of Marian's frozen hair to lead to the person who cast the curse. 

Emma and David find Will Scarlett robbing Robin Hood's tent, he tells them he broke into the ice cream parlor during the blackout but saw something suspicious. As David and Emma check it out, Will takes off.

Back in Arendelle of the past, Elsa and Kristoff must deal with Hans plan to attack the kingdom with his army. Kristoff spies on Hans and finds that he has an urn which can magically trap Elsa. When Hans opens the urn he is surprised to find it contains a Snow Queen with powers similar to Elsa. 

The Snow Queen claims to be Elsa's aunt and tries to gain her trust.

Back in Storybrooke, Elsa, Hook, Emma, and David all converge upon the Snow Queen but Elsa has no memory of her. It also seems as though the Snow Queen somehow knows Emma but Emma doesn't know how. The Snow Queen plans to kill Hook and make it look like Elsa did it so the town will turn on her. Emma saves Hook and the others with her magic but the Snow Queen escapes and heads to Mr. Gold, who knows her from the past.

Hook asks Emma why she keeps pushing him away. She confesses that every man she's ever been with is dead and she couldn't stand it if that happened to Hook. He promises her that he's very good at surviving and they kiss.

Regina tells Henry about her plan to find the author of the book and ask them to write her a happy ending. Henry wants it to be their own secret mission. They call it Operation Mongoose. 

Once Upon a Time
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