Revenge Photo Gallery: Pulling David's Strings

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David Clarke sits down in front of the TV cameras on Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 - but who's really in charge of the show?

With Nolan having a chance to chat with David in front of the cameras, and Victoria attempting to pull the strings with Margaux behind them, it's anyone's guess what's about to happen next.

We're hoping that someone will finally clue David in to the truth. You know, that his daughter is actually alive, yet we're afraid the only thing that we'll see here is Nolan Ross getting blindsided.

To find out more, check out these photos from "Damage" which is scheduled to air Sunday, November 2 on ABC at 10/9c and then sound off: Is David Clarke's return living up to your expectations?

If you missed one swipe of that red Sharpie, you'll want to watch Revenge online here at TV Fanatic. 

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Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

[to Emily] What would you do if your bestie wasn't a keyboard cowboy, besides, well, actually talk to your father?


Hacking into the FBI should get harder as I get older, but nope.