Revenge Round Table: Collateral Damage

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Emily Thorne grows one step closer to meeting her father, but she gets one step closer to losing everyone else she loves in the process, especially Nolan. David Clarke seems to be gunning for Ems' bestie, but is it all a misdirection designed to get to Victoria?

We're discussing that and more in the latest Revenge Round Table! Join Paul Dailly, Carla Day, Christine Orlando, Miranda Wicker and Laura Lynn from Revenge Agenda now and then leave your answers in the comments!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from Revenge Season 4 Episode 6?

Paul: My favorite scene was Charlotte killing her captor. I sighed going into the scene at the thought of a whole episode with her whining. She was badass when she managed to overcome him. I pegged her to die this episode, but the writers keep managing to redeem her. I'm sure she'll return and be annoying again soon!

Laura: The whole episode was my favorite! Too much? I loved Nolan's one liners "Wam bam, thank you Uncle Sam" and to Emily "Wake up and smell the subtext!" How brilliant was Gabriel Mann! Amazing!

Carla: There were so many.... It's more than one specific moment, but my favorite had to be the evolving relationship between Emily and Charlotte. I may have cheered out loud (maybe not audibly) when Charlotte opened the door and Emily was on the other side. From that to Emily telling Charlotte that her mother killed Aiden and Charlotte believing her. Awesome.

Christine:  It was the heartbreaking moment when David Clarke struck Nolan. He's looked up to this man like a father and yet Nolan still kept Emily's secret. As Nolan told her, "Your lies finally caught up with me." and now he's the one paying the price.

Miranda: Laura, both of those went into the Revenge quotes database because Nolan was just too good! I loved the moments between Emily and Charlotte best, especially when Emily seemed to hesitate whether or not to tell Charlotte that Victoria was the one to kill Aiden. In the end, it made sense to tell the truth, but for a minute, Emily wondered if she should protect Charlotte.

We're getting snippets of the past ten years of David Clarke's life from both Emily and Jack/Ben. What is David REALLY up to?

Paul: I really don't know what he's up to. I'm really intrigued to find out more, but my best guess is that he's actually playing Victoria and he will do away with her when his inevitable revenge plan falls into place.

Laura: I am not sure what David is up to but after Sunday's episode I am not on team Daddy Clarke! He punched Nolan!! How many times does Nolan have to pay for Ems secrets? I agree with Paul. I hope he is playing Victoria, but DC is hard to read. I did not see the ambush on Nolan coming when he invited Nolan to the interview.

Carla: No clue and that makes it so much fun to watch. Though I'm still irritated that Emily hasn't revealed herself to her father. If Victoria's. It his list yet, she will be when he finds out she knew the truth the whole time. The preview better not be a false tease for next week. The reunion needs to happen.

Christine: No clue but unlike Laura, I did see the Nolan ambush coming and it was like watching a train wreck happen. As much as I wanted to I couldn't look away. David is one twisted individual. I have no idea what his end game is but it's become clear where Emily's devious side originated. 

Miranda: I'm really hoping this is a classic game of misdirection. David is trying to make it appear like he's out for Nolan so that Victoria will trust him and then, just when she least expects it, BAM! Victoria-shaped takedown! Either way, I'm definitely ready for him to fill in some holes.

What was in the letter Emily gave Charlotte?

Paul: I think it was all of her emotions. Raw emotion from Emily Thorne? She's in for a treat! Emily probably wants her to know the truth about everything the past few years. She will probably understand easier with it being written down.

Laura: Well after Charlotte's Ninja performance, was it directions to Revenge camp? Takeda, may he RIP, would be proud of Ems' little sis! I am not sure what was in there but Charlotte looked surprised! Have to add Charlotte had a really great episode!!

Carla: Another mystery and one we probably won't find out for awhile unless of course Emily's letter stops Charlotte from going to rehab. I am bummed we didn't see Daniel's reaction to Emily's true identity.

Christine:  Ooh. I like Laura's idea. Maybe Emily is sending Charlotte to a very special rehab where she will emerge stronger and less whiny...and with super stealthy ninja skills. 

Miranda: I hadn't thought about Charlotte going to Revenge camp, but yeah, I really want it to be that! 

When will Emily realize that her revenge isn't worth more than her friends?

Paul: Sometime around April. I'm guessing these will be the final stretch of episodes for the series. I expect her to self destruct and go on the war path against the Graysons one more time. This time, she'll win. In the process, she'll lose Nolan.

Laura: Is she ever? My gosh! Everyone pays the price for Ems! She really does need to wake up and smell the subtext. They are all loyal to a fault, especially Nolan. I really hope its sooner rather than later.

Carla: is she still out for revenge? I don't see her on that mission really anymore. Now she's on a quest for the truth and reunion with her father. Maybe I've missed something.

Christine:  Well now she wants to get back at Victoria for manipulating David but it's truly awful what happens to the people who care about Emily. Amanda's dead. Aidan's dead. If Nolan succumbs to the same fate I'll turn off my TV. If nothing in the past few years has made Emily stop and think, I'm not sure what will.

Miranda: This has actually been a source of contention of mine for a long time. She rarely seems to take responsibility for the ways other people are hurt because of her, either directly or indirectly. I'd like to see more scenes where she apologizes or at least shows that it weighs on her.

To what lengths will Louise go to become a Grayson?

Paul: Louise is a crazy. She'll go to any lengths possible in order to become one. I wouldn't rule out her bedding Daniel, several more times. It would be an excellent twist if Louise was actually on Emily's payroll.

Laura: I agree with Paul. The red headed Louise is nuts! I hope they fill us in soon as to what she is up to, but I have to say the scene of her watching Margaux on the phone was creepy. Hide the bunnies. I think she has a Victoria fatal attraction!

Carla: She seems more fixated on Victoria than Daniel. Given the Graysons have been exiled, I'm not sure what she wants to gain. It's creepy.

Christine:  She seems to have fixated on Victoria as some sort of mother figure which should tell you exactly how crazy she is! Margaux better beef up security because I can picture it now...Louise concocting a scenario in her head where she's there to help a grieving Daniel pick up the pieces after Margaux's untimely demise and he'll be so touched she'll end up the next Mrs. Grayson.

Miranda: I feel like Louise would like to skin the Grayson matriarch and parade around as Victoria. Here's hoping Victoria is well-moisturized.

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