Scandal Round Table: Where Is the Key?

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Right now, Olivia Pope doesn't know who to believe. Did Jake really kill one of her best friends? That's the question she asked herself (and Abby) on Scandal Season 4 Episode 5.

Join Leigh Raines, Christine Orlando, Carla Day, Jim Garner, and Miranda Wicker as we break down "The Key" and look ahead to Scandal Season 4 Episode 6. Be sure to join in below with your answers to this week's Scandal Round Table questions!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 5?

Leigh: The end scene when Abby stopped by Olivia to bawl her out and saw her crying and immediately came to her aid. I'm so glad that the ice is thawing between these 2 finally!

Christine:  It was Mellie standing over poor Lauren demanding, "Where is he?" when she wanted to know why Fitz had blown off going to their son's grave. Honestly, Mellie looked as though she might stab the woman in the throat with a pen if she didn't give her an answer. 

Carla: When Jake said to Fitz, "Oh, man. Oh my god, I am screwed. You have been waiting for this moment from the second I got in bed with her. I am here because of her. It doesn't matter what the truth is, does it? The only thing that matters is I put my hands where you think they don't belong and now I'm in chains."  I hope that Fitz realizes his mistake about Jake, but it was awesome to see these too men who both love Olivia together. A power struggle with Fitz in control for now at least.

Jim: I'm with Leigh, watching Abby's true caring for Olivia show through and her grab her in a hug when she realized Olivia was falling apart was so touching. Preview for next week shows more of the same!

Miranda: I'll piggyback on Carla's answer here. My favorite quote from the episode was Jake's insistence that they're both good guys wearing White Hats and that's why Olivia loves them both. 

What song would you sing for 72 hours while you avoided talking?

Leigh: I'd need something long with a lot of lyrics to maybe Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"? That would keep me busy!

Christine:  "You Are My Sunshine" It's odd how things stick in your head. I remember Hannibal Smith from The A-Team singing that song when I was a kid and to this day there are times it will just go round and round in my mind. The odd thing is that it's kind of a melancholy song. I'm can't even say I like it. It's just sort of there.

Carla: I have no idea. I'd probably play an imaginary baseball game or something in my head over a song. I'm not good had singing in my head unless I get an earworm and even then it's more annoying than actually knowing the song.

Jim: Well, being that Christine just got "You Are My Sunshine" stuck in my head, I have to go with it... Dang it, this is gonna be stuck in there for days! 

Miranda: Probably "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley. It's short, sweet, and sort of uplifting. Maybe telling myself not to worry over and over would make it so.

How do you feel about Huck's wife not believing him?

Leigh: Sad. Huck has been through so much and I can see why she wouldn't believe him, but it's just sad. Not everyone would believe there is a secret department of the government that is more black ops than the CIA. Huck just needs a break.

Christine:  Ugh. Poor Huck. I don't blame her. I'd be terrified of Huck too. He seems delusions and half out of control and the truth is he's even scarier than she thinks. But that's his son and he lost his chance at a family and I do feel horrible for him. 

Carla: That was devastating to watch. As soon as she invited him over, I knew it was going to be a set-up though I expected the cops to be there to arrest him. There's something to her having someone come to help him rather than arrest him. She still cares about him, so there's hope for them.

Jim: Man, Huck just can't get a break. He leaves to protect them and then she doesn't want to believe him when he finally comes back. Ouch! 

Miranda: Can't the guy catch a break?? I'd like to see Olivia or Abby or someone with some clout show up on her doorstep and set her straight. He's not lying. He's broken, but everything he's telling you is true. Jeez, the poor guy.

Scale of 1 to 10 rate the crazy factor of Mellie's reaction to news of Jerry's murder.

Leigh: Like an 8. Mellie definitely needs some help for her mental state. I think she had a small thread of something that could have made sense, but overall she was just trying to rationalize something that has been eating away at her soul. Also can she just get an Emmy already?

Christine: 9. Oh, that was horrible. I've been with Mellie on the pjs in the Oval office and the cereal box and the drinking but this epiphany that her son being murdered by a terrorist means he's a martyr for her and Fitz and their reign in the White House was kind of sickening. I guess she was looking for some thread of reason for his death to hold on to but this was simply twisted.

Carla: 3. I actually thought she was pretty rational in her reaction. It was unexpected, but that doesn't make it crazy. When her son just randomly died from an illness, it didn't make sense. How did it happen? Why their son? With Jerry being murdered, there's a reason he's dead. There's someone to blame. And, his death served a purpose in getting his father re-elected where Fitz has shifted his position and done good for the country. Crazy? No. A bit twisted? Perhaps.

Jim: 1. Realizing that Jerry had been killed for a reason made it all make sense to her and actually brought her out of her crazed state. However, I will say her speech to Fitz was bordering on a little maniacally, but I'm chalking that one up to the alcohol.  

Miranda: I'm going full 10 on this one. I was with her when she said his death was meaningful. I thought "okay, sure, I can see that." Like, he didn't just die randomly. But then she went on and on about him being a sacrifice so they could stay in that house and WOW. Mellie. Girl, you need help. 

Who will be the one to kill Rowan in the end: Jake, Mellie, Fitz, or Olivia?

Leigh: Great question. Not Mellie. It depends if Fitz believes Jake in the end and Olivia finds the evidence. I really can't decide. Jake is the easiest answer, I think Olivia would be the biggest shock.  

Christine:  I would think Jake or Fitz, although I'd love to see Mellie do it and she's half crazy enough to try if she finds out he killed her son. As much as having Olivia finally stop her father for good would make a great story, I'm just not sure she's got it in her even after all he's done. 

Carla: I'd rather see him put in the hole to suffer like Huck and Jake were forced to endure. If one of those people killed him, he'd be getting off too easy. I hope he's put in the hole and that it's Olivia that closes the hatch to seal his fate.

Jim: I'm rooting for the underdog in this race, Mellie. Now that she's found clarify in Jerry's death, she won't stop until she finds the truth, and she won't be clouded by jealousy like Fitz is being right now. 

Miranda: Rowan has to die. There's no way he goes to prison and that's that. He's too well-connected. My money is on Olivia being the one to pull the trigger, and then next season, or the second half of this season deals with the team helping her either cover it up or get away with murder. 

And here's your first look at Scandal 4 Episode 5:

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Fitz: Mellie's in the residence.
Cyrus: Respectfully, sir, she's probably drunk, and in a coma from too much fried chicken. You're safe there.

Olivia: I'm working. I'm gladiating.
Quinn: You're getting your expensive pants dirty. What are you doing here?