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OPA continue looking into Catherine's case in order to clear her of charges that she killed her daughter. They witness a murder and the cops cover for the assassin. As it turns out, the real killer works for the dead girl's father. Quinn goes on an exploratory mission to find a missing key to their case.

Olivia is distracted because Jake isn't returning her calls. In conversation with Quinn, Olivia refers to him as her boyfriend. Rowan stops by her apartment and Olivia wonders if she should be listening to her gut or if she's becoming the kind of woman she hates. She's obviously worried and Rowan tells her not to. Jake can take care of himself.

After yet another unreturned phone call, Olivia asks Huck to find Jake. He tracks Jake to the White House and Olivia goes on a mission to find him. Cyrus tells Olivia Jake killed Jerry, Harrison, and James and that he'll be executed once his confession is signed. Olivia visits her father who tries to convince her that Jake is a murderer.

Fitz continues the investigation into Jerry's death and refuses to use unconstitutional methods to interrogate Jake. Jake, obviously, is not confessing. He requests a meeting with the President and will not answer any of the interrogator's questions until that meeting takes place.

Huck keeps watch on his family, but his wife wants nothing to do with him. She doesn't believe the story of his disappearance from their lives and asks him to leave.

Fitz asks Mellie why she doesn't return to Santa Barbera and she confesses that she can't leave because their son is there. When Mellie learns that someone murdered their son, her reaction is not what Fitz expects. 

David goes to Abby to absolve himself of using the B613 files to win DC cases.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Fitz: Mellie's in the residence.
Cyrus: Respectfully, sir, she's probably drunk, and in a coma from too much fried chicken. You're safe there.

Olivia: I'm working. I'm gladiating.
Quinn: You're getting your expensive pants dirty. What are you doing here?