Selfie Season 1 Episode 3 Review: A Little Yelp From My Friends

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In Selfie Season 1 Episode 3 Eliza and Henry are ordered by their boss to work on their interpersonal connectivity with their coworkers.

Eliza goes into the assignment knowing that she is facing one of her toughest critics -- her coworker who hates her the most -- Joan. Eliza did eat her lunch more than once! 

Of the three episodes of Selfie that have aired so far, I thought this one had the fewest funny lines. However, this doesn't necessarily make it a bad episode.

Although this show is a sitcom, it is still a premise-based show (what most sitcoms seem to be doing these days) and this means that the show has to evolve and advance its storyline for it to be true to its pitch.

This show is based on My Fair Lady and we expect to see some kind of relationship develop between Eliza and Henry. In this episode I think we saw that relationship between Henry and Eliza start to move toward a more general friendship. They don't completely get annoyed with each other and both just want someone to eat lunch with! 

Eliza is getting better at asking people how they are doing, but still needs to work on the whole listening part -- something we all may be able to sympathize with.  

The greeting of "How are you?" is somewhat confusing in the English language as it doesn't always mean I want you to tell me how you are. You also better not come close to answering the way Henry did! 

Eliza, of course, was thinking about the marital troubles of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Even though I think the super pair are just messing with the media, I can't say I don't agree with her that the two probably have a pre-nup! (And that elevator video posted by TMZ was wild!) 

Of course there is a prenup! There is a billion dollars on the elevator!


Eliza was stumped when she stayed up all night trying to social-media stalk Joan and came up with nothing. Luckily, Charmonique swooped in to save the day and reveal that Joan was an active Yelp reviewer. (Yikes!)

Like any good social media (and real life) stalker trying to get closer to someone, Eliza showed up at one of Joan's favorite activities, her ass-tightening dance class.

Her less than stellar performance fooled Joan enough and Eliza got herself invited over to dinner, where she proceeded to blow it by revealing too much of her knowledge gained through stalking.

You have to be careful what you say after you have social media stalked; it can get creepy and overbearing in a hurry. It's hard when you have details about everyone's life at your fingertips! 

Joan: That pizza is topped with lies.
Eliza: But not oregano!

In the end we saw that Eliza and Henry's friendship grew, mainly because they both failed at developing office friendships. It was cute and Eliza revealed to Henry the real reason she ate standing up.

She was butt ( butt ugly) when she was younger, and she became shallow because of it, but it doesn't mean she isn't still hurt by it.

If you've missed any of this charming show you can watch Selfie online via TVFanatic

A Little Yelp From My Friends Review

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Selfie Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Of course there is a prenup! There is a billion dollars on the elevator!


Joan: That pizza is topped with lies.
Eliza: But not oregano!