Selfie Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Nugget of Wisdom

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From chewie vitamins to an overly judgmental priest named Father McMoney(did I mention he was a priest?!) Selfie Season 1 Episode 4 was about realizing not just who you are, but loving that person who you are. 

It was also about not working for the weekend, but actually working for the weekend. TO ENJOY THE WEEKEND. Henry being the only one who did not understand this. 

Saturday Night - Selfie

Henry talking about his Friday night involving his favorite kind of porn, food porn, was certainly a depressing conversation (depressing for me as a pre-adult, certainly not the case for me as an adult).

The flashback that we were treated to of Henry saving the chewable vitamin from extinction was the opposite of depressing.You might be able to go so far as to calling Henry the second Mr. McMoney in this one. 

Just joking though, Mr. McMoney belongs to Charmonique as her high school sweet heart.

Now, onto the plot in this episode. Henry needs to have some fun over the weekend, while Eliza needs to do some work/good deeds for people this weekend. 

I did notice (and very much liked) that at the beginning of this episode there seemed to be a flashforward(shout out to John Cho's former show). Eliza, meanwhile, was musing about a week of dealing with lessons from Henry and that she was damn glad for the weekend.

I like the way this time jump is being used to somewhat advance their relationship. 

Eliza eventually managed to realize that there was a good deed for her do, and that was to babysit Charmonique's son, Kevin, so that she could go reconnect with her high school sweet heart. 

The realization was a tough one and, in reality, probably took some straight forward asking from her pal.

Henry, I am sorry that your Friday consisted of hanging out with a salad and some potentially exciting grilled chicken.

I am not the one planning my weekend around a bowl of ruffage


Furthermore, I'm sorry that the only thing that brings you out of your house is a medieval debate with yogurt and thinking that Eliza took Kevin to a club. 

Despite all this other business and storyline going on with Eliza and Henry, Charmonique had the biggest story going for her in this episode. 

I don't mean no disrespect but I did not come her to talk smack with you dirty ratchets.


I also never thought I would be so irritated by a "holier than though" representation of a clearly Catholic priest. Who are you trying to convince Mitchell, the Priest, me or yourself? 

While you are at, could you also check on the son of God. He's been waiting to hear from you.


And then Eddie Murphy Enters the room!!! However, in the form of young, cool kid Kevin. I admire that kid's ability to demand two adults to prepare a room for his bedtime. 

As I watched Henry pet Kevin's afro I realized I wasn't going clubbing tonight.


All of that and the real trick was a couple of chicken nuggets. Alas, it was that importance of chicken nuggets, for me, that brought the episode down. 

Henry really used chicken nuggets to sell two so-called assloads of chicken nugget flavored vitamins. Vitamins that are disgusting in taste, thus no child would want to eat a bottle's worth. 

Okay now...Chicken nugget flavored vitamins. Should I assume the store bought the frozen kind or the McD's mystery meat/no longer mystery meat kind? It makes a big difference. 

We were so glad he managed to save the fruity rascal and convert it to a Chick-Fil A vitamin. What will Pharmaceutical companies think of next? Does this idea even fall far from the possibility tree? It's a good thing this is a sitcom.

As I suspected, the romance between Henry and Eliza is starting to be touched on. It's thought provoking for Henry at this point more so than for Eliza.

This is a new take on My Fair Lady, so I expect a lot from the old story with a new twist on the how and why as the potential pay off for watching. 

What did you think of this episode? Did you think this episode was an improvement? This being the fourth episode, where do you think the show will go from here? 

If you missed out you can watch Selfie online via TV Fanatic!

Nugget of Wisdom Review

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Did you tell her she can vomit here?


Grilled chicken could be fun.