Sons of Anarchy Round Table: Venus Returns!

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Juice was talking crazy, Venus Van Dam returned and Diosa was taken down on Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 4.

Below, TV Fanatics Leigh Raines, Carla Day, Amanda Wolf and Christine Orlando are joined by Donna Lee from to debate if Gemma has a plan for Juice, Tig's relationship with Venus, who ratted out to the Chinese and what their favorite scenes were from the episode...

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Do you think Gemma is planning to kill Juice?

Leigh: I think she's undecided and Juice probably knows it's a possibility. I also think that trying to predict anything Gemma does is borderline impossible.

Carla: She's definitely considering it. The look on her face when Juice broke down in Wendy's lap was telling. She knows he's losing it and with nothing to lose, he'd likely out her as a way to save himself. When it comes down to the final decision on whether to pull the trigger or not, I'm going to say no. When Gemma finds out how many lives have been lost as a direct result of her lie about Tara's killer, she will want the killing to end. (I hope!)

Amanda: I think Gemma is always willing to do whatever it is that she needs to do. You could tell the gears were turning in her brain when she was listening to Juice talk about how he is hearing voices. She did debate putting that gun and silencer combo in her bag, so I think she is still undecided. I was wondering during the scene in the hotel if Gemma was thinking about how she talks to herself too. Is she hearing voices? Tara's murder is one of the biggest and kept secrets on TV and I am loving what it is doing to these two characters. 

Donna Lee:  I think Gemma took her gun in case she does have to kill him. She realizes he is a loose cannon. She will do whatever she needs to do, to keep her secret. 

Christine:  Carla, you give Gemma a lot more credit than I do. I think all of the death caused by her lie is just collateral damage. I'm not sure she really links her actions to the effect they've had. As for Juice, I think she loves him but she'll off him to save herself in a heartbeat. We'll just have to wait and see if it comes to that. 

Any ideas on what Juice's plans may be, if any?

Leigh: I don't think he's to skip town. He knows he needs to protect himself. He's also going a little bit crazy. My thoughts are he's going to try to align with other people and sell some secrets. Or maybe he'll pretend to do that but go down by proving his loyalty to Jax. Am I making sense?

Carla: Given his emotional state, he will likely fall on his sword and turn himself over to the Club. The main question will be whether he will take Gemma down with him. As much as I don't think Gemma will kill Juice, I also don't think Jax will kill him at this point either. Too much death may be Juice's saving grace.

Amanda: I can't figure out what Juice's plan would be because I can't see him hurting Gemma, or anyone in the club for that matter. Why would he need a silencer though? You wouldn't worry about a silencer if you were going to kill yourself so it has to be something premeditated or for defense. 

Donna Lee:  Juice was a member of the club for a long time. After Chibs turning him down with his plea for help, he is at the end of the line....UNLESS he does something so outrageous they can not question his loyalty. I think he is going to go after Lin on his own. He can clear Gemma, and at the same time, give Gemma no reason to rat him out. And if he does it in a blatantly enough way, the club will realize that he did it to save them. 

Christine: Juice is such a wild card. If he gets high to stop the voices, (like he did when he ratted out Jax to Nero) anything is possible. And Amanda, I thought the same thing about the silencer…you don't need one of those to kill yourself so who does he plan to use it on. Still, I'll be very surprised if Juice doesn't end up with a bullet in his brain before it's all over 

Do you think Abel will turn out just like his daddy?

Leigh: Whether or not he turns out like Jax, he is going to turn out really messed up to some degree. I foresee him more as a weird introverted kid. And damn does he deserve better.

Carla: The look on Abel's face when he saw the fight in episode 3 worries me. He's at a tipping point between following in his father's steps and living a "normal" life. With the introduction of Ms. Harrison (Courtney Love), we'll see which way he goes.... 

Amanda: If Gemma ever gets her chance to take those kids out of school then I can see him turning out just like Jax. It's too early to tell though. Im not buying that Gemma says she can see it in is eyes. Probably some wishful thinking on her part though. 

Donna Lee:  There is a strong chance Abel will turn out like Jax...if Jax lives....I have a feeling Nero will be the last man standing, and will end up with his son and Jax's son...riding off into the sunset.

Christine:  Without Tara's influence, there's a good chance Gemma might be right. Hopefully some twist of fate will intervene before it's too late. 

Tig and Venus Van Dam. Your thoughts?

Leigh: Okay, I have always been a Venus fan. Tig has always been a uniquely lovable weirdo with interesting tastes off the beaten path. I dig this. Totally into it. 

Carla: Yay! Has Tig finally found love? I hope so! They are absolutely perfect for each other. They heal each other's broken souls. 

Amanda: Hhahahaha I love that Tig knew where she was because they "keep in touch." I was discussing this with fellow fans as we were watching and Tig and Happy are the shows most mysterious and unpredictable characters in terms of behavior. These two characters have a way of making all of the other sons look almost normal. I would love it if they kept going with this story line, especially since someone had to doctor Tig back to health. Venus calls Tig Alexander!!

Donna Lee:  Tig and Venus is a beautiful thing...two lost souls comforting each other. I would be really curious if Charlie Hunnam gave them any tips on handling that scene...after Queer as Folk, I am sure he had some pointers for them!

Christine:  Amanda, I agree. I love that she calls him Alexander. There's nothing better than when two strange, lost souls connect. I love it.

Did someone rat out the club's deception to the Chinese or did they figure it out all on their own?

Leigh: My guess would be they figured it out all on their own. They know Jax is not aligned with them. If anything, I bet you the guy from the other Sons charter might've slipped up. Whoever he lost was close to him.

Carla: There's been no indication either way so far. I'd almost rather it be kept a secret. If someone turned on Jax, my guess would be Jury and he would be justified with turning on the Club. He wanted vengeance in the same way that Jax did.

Amanda: I am thinking maybe Jury ratted them out. We didn't see him in this episode and that "lackey" clearly meant something to him. But things have certainly taken a turn for the worse now that the Chinese know. The ice cream shop and Diosa?!?! The death count is getting higher and higher. 

Donna Lee:  If someone ratted, I doubt it was Jury. More likely a mole in the 1 9 ers or would actually suit Marx to an extent to have the Chinese and SOA fighting. Now that Marx is set up with the Irish, the club has overstayed its welcome with him. He as much told Jax remorse.

Christine:  There are so many options if someone ratted. Jury being the most obvious which makes me question if it's him. I can only imagine what Jax will do next but on this show bloodshed breeds more bloodshed. 

Colette bites the dust. Pen a eulogy.

Leigh: Sorry I will always see her as Matt Saracen's mom from Friday Night Lights. Plus she banged Jax at the end before Tara died and Tara threw some great punches. Sad because maybe she could've cheered Jax up, but I wasn't a fan.

Carla: Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's off to the ground you go.

Amanda: Colette, Im sorry that you had to be collateral damage, but can't say that I am surprised. Even though I liked your character the best when Tara was getting some swings in, I don't think you deserved to go this way.  

Donna Lee:  Colette was dedicated to her career. She was an intelligent and passionate business owner. However you may feel about her chosen profession, no one deserves to die such a horrific death. She was someone's daughter…someone's friend...another human being. She will be missed. 

Christine:  Colette, I liked you. You were smart and Charming needs more smart woman who aren't sociopaths. You deserved better and you will be missed 

What was your favorite scene of the episode?

Leigh: Venus is back! I love the way she talks to the boys and calls Tig "Alexander." 

Carla: It's becoming more and more difficult to pick a favorite because the episodes are so dark. I saw a bit of hope for Jax's soul when he ran into the water and swam to the car to save the woman. He's not entirely heartless and that's something given all he's been through and especially given the despicable acts he's committed.

Amanda: This whole episode was my favorite scene! Everything about this episode was good and I think it has been the most exciting one of the season so far. Jax having that awkward conversation with Gemma about mommy fetishes was awesome. Every scene with Venus was awesome. Things are also looking pretty bad for the club right now. I simple can't choose. 

Donna Lee:  Best scene...toughest question on to go with Tig and Venus! The kiss heard around the world!

Christine:  So much good stuff in this episode but my favorite was Chibs covering Sheriff Jaffy when that grenade came through the window. Nothing gets to the heart of the matter like a live grenade.

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