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The club finds out that the Reverend they killed is needed so August Marks can close his deal. The dig up the body and use his phone to track down the Reverend's wife so she can sign the papers and Marks will stop his search. 

Jax makes a deal with Tully to move drugs but when the meet goes down, Sheriff's officers Cane and Eglee stumble upon it. Tully's men kill Cane and Eglee is shot four times in the back and is unconscious in the hospital.

Tig is shot but will survive. Venus Van Dam returns to take care of him. It turns out the two have become close friends. 

The APB goes out on Juice. Gemma agrees to drive him to her father's house but Juice is obviously in a poor state of mind. Both Juice and Gemma pack guns with silencers for the trip.

As Sheriff Jarry questions the club about the shooting of her officers, Lin's crew throws a grenade into the ice cream shop. Chibs throws himself on Jarry and they all survive.

Later LIn's team hits Dioso. Jax, Nero, and the club members arrive to find everyone has been killed.

Sons of Anarchy
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