The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 6 Review: The Expedition Approximation

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Who had the better disguise for their secret identity: Miley Stewart as Hannah Montana? Or, Clark Kent as Superman?

Tough call. It comes down to a wig or glasses....

Yep, that's up for discussion on The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 6 when Raj and Sheldon attempted to live in the university's underground steam tunnels in preparation for a scientific expedition. Did they last down there? Of course not. It wouldn't be funny if they could live in a confined, hot, humid space with a bucket as a toilet for hours or days. 

How long did they last? Eleven minutes. Just long enough for Sheldon to sing a frightening mine song, talk about Hannah Montana and Superman, and the Voyager. Also, just enough time for them to give into the temptation of vending machine Funyuns, pop and to request a DVD player to watch Hannah Montana. The end result: They won't be heading to the salt mines to research dark matter. 

It won't ever happen, but Sheldon should give Howard some credit for making it through training and going into space. That's something Sheldon could never do. His mind may process a bazillion things at once, but he's a man of routine and highly claustrophobic.

Raj: Hey, Sheldon, you busy?
Sheldon: I'm always busy. This mind is capable of advanced multitasking. You know, currently, I'm attempting to solve the Penrose conjecture, I'm composing my Nobel acceptance speech for when I've solved the Penrose conjecture, and I'm wondering
how mermaids have babies.
Raj: Don't they lay eggs on a rock?
Sheldon: Now I've got room for another thing.

Sheldon's 11 minutes underground was quite impressive really. He was in control and handling it surprisingly well until the rats showed up. That caused him to rush above ground and lock his friend down in the tunnels with the rats. Poor Raj. Sheldon really is one of the most selfish people around.

At least Raj stood up for himself and didn't let Sheldon get away without hearing about it. Though, Sheldon's response was classic and showcased his inability to comprehend another person's feelings. Despite that, Sheldon's friends stick by him. Raj may be upset, but he'll be sitting on the couch again as if nothing happened.

Raj: I was trying to help you! And at the first sign of trouble you ran away, leaving me to fend off a family of rats! You're a completely selfish human being and a... and a physical and a moral coward!
Sheldon: His statements of the obvious continue to annoy.

Good stuff! We don't get to see Sheldon and Raj interact together enough. 

While that story was good, the other one was even better. Penny is growing up! And, Penny and Leonard are acting like a couple who are about to get married. They are beginning to think like a couple and making decisions together. Well, in a way. Penny did sell the car Leonard bought her without talking to him first.

Since she has a company car now, there really wasn't a reason for her to keep another vehicle. It was a smart financial decision and by giving Leonard the money, she proved she's maturing. I was glad to see that they were able to work through the money question. The Bernadette/Howard money fight wasn't anything new, yet it was used in an effective way to help their soon-to-be-married friends.

The pink picture frame was hilarious, especially how sly Penny was in bringing it up. That girl has a sense of humor. Leonard and Penny really complement each other in a natural way. 

Penny: What should I have done? Taken a picture of us in the car
and put it in a pink frame with puffy paint around it that says "best fiance ever"?
Leonard: Doesn't sound that bad.
Penny: Well, good, because... that's why I did!

When it comes down to it, what should a newly engaged couple do with a cash windfall? A roll around the cash it is! Traditional as it can get. I wouldn't want to be the teller who has to make that deposit though...

Check out some of the best lines in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section and if you want more laughs watch The Big Bang Theory online!

The Expedition Approximation Review

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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Leonard: I think what Penny meant is, the thought of you two in a mine is kind of funny-- it's like a cat riding a Roomba.
Howard: If they get scared, they'll have those hats with the lights on them, 'cause down there it's night-night all the time!
Bernadette: Maybe they could ride around in one of those mine carts that go,(squeakily): ee-oo-ee-oo-ee-oo.
Leonard: Yeah, it'll help them get away when they see a gh-gh-ghost...!

Penny: Wait, hang on-- you guys are gonna work in a mine?
Sheldon: Why not?
Penny: You had a panic attack when we went through the car wash.