The Originals Round Table: So Much Swooning!

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That was the general consensus of The Originals Round Table members after The Originals Season 2 Episode 4 aired. Because you guys, so much swooning.

Klaus and Cami. Elijah and Gia. Davina and Koleb. Josh and Aidan! AHHH!

Join Heather Vee and Crissy Calhoun of and Leigh Raines and Miranda Wicker from right here at TV Fanatic as we try to contain ourselves to chat about the most recent installment of The Originals.

The Originals RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from "Live and Let Die?"

Heather: Not to be THAT PERSON, but the "As a feminist..." scene between Elijah and Gia was smoking hot. I may have wiped condensation off my screen. But the chemistry between Klaus and Cami is off the charts, and I will die waving my Team Cami flag. I love how she calls Klaus out on his shit and I love that you can tell he not-so-secretly loves it, too. 

Leigh: I love any Koleb and Davina scenes. Ugh I want them to work out and I feel like he wants it too. You know he isn't totally on board with Esther! Josh and Aidan on the date was great too.

Crissy: So many good moments in this episode — my favorite of the season so far. All the scenes already mentioned, but I do love a training scene in the woods, and I love Mikael, so the Davina-Mikael Lessons of Being a Warrior thing totally had me entranced.  

Miranda: Oh god, how do I choose!? I don't think I can! Okay, it was a quick line, but it made it into The Originals quotes...Davina: "Yeah, well my mother tried to sacrifice me and my father ran off before I was born..." She's snarking THE Original vampire, not just AN Original. And it. Is. Beautiful.

Hotter scene: Klaus and Cami or Elijah and Gia?

Heather: I refuse to choose; they were both positively sparking with their own merits. But... who knew a heart-snatch could be that sexy? 

Leigh: Tie? They're so different. Klaus and Cami have this soul compatibly that is just much deeper than Klaus/Gia. But the Klaus/Gia scene was a lot of fun to watch. Especially when Hayley walked in. Awkward! 

Crissy: Ya, both both both. The heart snatch was perfection. The near kiss spin-away disappearing act, perfection.  

Miranda: Is it hot in here, or is it just me? Because I can feel the temperature rising just thinking about those scenes! 

Where is Jackson?

Heather: Who cares? 

Leigh: Hanging with Lafayette from True Blood, still kickin it in Bon Temps.  

Crissy: Who's Jackson? (I kid, I kid.) 

Miranda: He's somewhere being Milo Ventimiglia's body double.

Which character would you give up in order to keep Koleb around?

Heather: Amazingly, I'm not sure I could give anyone up from our set of players right now - and, yes, that includes Oliver. I'm even loving the new characters and I'm usually one of those people who grumbles about taking screen time away from main cast. 

Leigh: Mikael!! I'd say Esther, but this version of her is much better than the teenage one.  

Crissy: I love this Esther compared to Teen Esther, but still I'd bid her goodbye in a heartbeat. And keep Josh's new beau. I would like to see them smooch soon, please. 

Miranda: How about we lose Second Guy on the Right in the Crowd Scene? Basically, again, I can't choose. I just want to keep Koleb because I'm really loving his accent him.

How do you feel about Mikael being able to overcome the power of Papa Tunde's blade?

Heather: What a great moment! Is this indicative of Mikael's abilities as an old vampire or just his sheer force of will? I'd like to think it's the latter.  

Leigh: Not altogether surprised. I was waiting for him to pop out of the trunk at Cami and Klaus like a bad urban legend.

Crissy: Loved it. Tied into his whole lesson to Davina about how the ability to withstand pain is a warrior's true strength, and what does the Original family do better than endure? 

Miranda: I'm not really surprised, but I'm not sure I like it. It keeps him around and this season is about their dysfunctional family, so he can't really go anywhere, but at the same time, stuff like this makes him almost an unbeatable foe. That's not fun after so long, you know? We'll see.

Take a look at this photo gallery from The Originals Season 2 Episode 5, "Red Door," which features Nina Dobrev as Tatia.

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