The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Where are Bonnie and Damon?

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On The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 1, viewers bore witness to mourning, hallucinating, a border lurker, rage issues, re-assimilating vampires, a lot of brooding and a little bit of flirting. Now that we're back to life in Mystic Falls, or at least life surrounding it, there is a lot to catch up on!

Below, TV Fanatic staff members Miranda Wicker, Leigh Raines and Matt Richenthal are joined Love You to Death co-author Crissy Calhoun to break down the first episode of the season.

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What was your favorite quote of scene from The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 1?

Crissy: The final scene with Damon and Bonnie just made me laugh and laugh. Never pictured that as where those two would be. 

Miranda: Oh, so many! I loved it all because TVD is back on TV. Elena inviting everyone to the tailgate, Paul Wesley's biceps, Tyler flying into class just a little late, Alaric and Elena! Gah. Even when it's terrible I love this show.

Leigh: Elena saying "goodbye" to Damon was a pretty good quote.

Matt: You guys nailed all the actual best scenes, so allow me to go with the most unintentionally funny scene: when Elena's poor victim complained that she couldn't find Mystic Falls... and then she runs away from her attacker and it turns out she's like 13 feet away from the town.

Were you surprised to see how Elena was "mourning" Damon?

Crissy: Surprised, not really, but I thought it worked nicely. All the various ways the gang is in denial with Elena leading the crazy.

Miranda: Not surprised, no. The previews gave away too much, I think.

Leigh: The hallucinogenic drugs from Luke were a creative touch. I knew when her voiceover seemed chipper that something had to be up.

Matt: No, especially not after Sheriff Forbes reminded us about all Elena has been through, all the people she's lost. It makes sense that she would try to find a new way to cope this time around.

On a scale of 1 to "Thank you God," rate Alaric's return.

Crissy: It's the absolute best. And his hair? I just can't even handle his return. Thank you, TVD gods.

Miranda: Thank you, God and the little baby Buddha! I'm so glad Alaric is back.

Leigh: Just seeing Elena and Tyler stroll into his class and him back at the blackboard gave me such a thrill. But, man, he needs to sharpen up his game!

Matt: I'll give it a 9 and wait to thank the Good Lord until Alaric interacts with Enzo. I've been waiting all summer for that!

What exactly is Stefan up to in Savannah?

Crissy: I took it at face value: he's pretending to move on without any of his loved ones or his home. And now not even his phone. (How many phones have been sacrificed on this show? Geez!)

Miranda: I kind of think Ivy is the person he's been looking for and maybe she doesn't know, maybe she does, and he doesn't. Or maybe he really has just decided not to care.

Leigh: Stefan has handled things calmly and by going complete Ripper. Right now I think he has legitimately checked out for awhile. Stefan just does not want to deal.

Matt: He's getting in deep with Ivy in order to plug her for information. Puns intended, I suppose.

How do you feel about Caroline and her determination to get back into Mystic Falls?

Crissy: Totally understandable. Totally a terrible idea.

Miranda: Caroline wouldn't be Caroline if she didn't have a big task like this. Hey, at least this is marginally more important than planning a costume party.

Leigh: It's pretty typical Caroline. I think that while a lot of viewers might be sick of Mystic Falls, we have to remember that it's their home. However, dropping out of school feels like Caroline is giving up in another way. Sometimes her planning side can drive her a little too nutso.

Matt: No one is a more dedicated member of Team Caroline than yours truly. But this is an incredibly selfish and immature move. Mystic Falls is safer without supernaturals being able to cross its borders and, what, she has to live a few miles away from some of her friends? Welcome to adulthood, C.

Where are Bonnie and Damon?

Crissy: Someplace with newspapers and pancake batter and lovely plaid shirts. The blueberry vampire pancake face thing slayed me. I love when this show is funny. Wherever they are I'd like to take a vacation there myself, seems chill.

Miranda: A lumberjack convention judging by their attire. How do I get an invite?

Leigh: Seriously, I think we're all ready to book ourselves a trip there! Some people think it's an alternate dimension like Elena and Stefan were in when they were having alternate universe hallucinations last season. Seems likely. A different plane.

Matt: I think this is the wrong question. I think maybe we should be asking: WHEN are Bonnie and Damon?

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