Bones Round Table: Always a Suspect, Never a Killer

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Last week, Bones Season 10 Episode 5 made Hodgins a murder suspect for the third time, brought back one of our favorite squinterns and gave Booth a chance to give some tough love.

Join TV Fanatic writers Bridget Liszewski, Mary Kate Venedam, Michelle Carlbert and Ashley Bissette Sumerel for a discussion of these moments, as well as a hot topic among fans: are there enough scenes between Booth and Brennan?

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Brennan's character has changed quite a bit over the course of the series. Did you see examples of that in this episode?

Bridget: She’s definitely changed and grown as the series has went on, and this has been evident many times this season. In this particular episode, I think the opening scene was an example of that growth. She realizes that there are situations where she maybe doesn’t know the best answer, and she’s much better at asking for help from those around her, particularly Booth. This is why these two balance each other out so well.

Mary Kate: Yes. The old Brennan would not have been nervous about giving a speech. She would've been more high and mighty about it. She also seemed more personable with people she met at the convention. Those were the biggest changes I saw.

Michelle: Definitely. I thought the moment when she allowed Wendell to leave the lab and go to his appointment was a great example. Sure, what she said to him about him not being useful if his cancer came back may have sounded cold coming from anyone else, but Brennan's smile after that line spoke volumes. She's always going to be brutally honest, but now we can really see her heart.

Ashley: What they all said! The fact that Brennan knows her limitations and is willing to accept advice is really significant. The Brennan we met in season 1 would have just assumed she knew what was best. And the fact that she was nervous about the speech and debating over whether or not to tell the joke shows that she cares what people think -- more so than she ever did before. Still, she made her own decision to tell the joke, and it was the right choice.

And I agree with Michelle about the scene with Wendell, too. Brennan is showing more compassion than she was able to show in earlier seasons, and it's nice to see that kind of character development.

Hodgins was a murder suspect yet again. Discuss.

Bridget: I wanted this to be explored more than it was. The episode was missing an Angela and Hodgins scene that would’ve added a lot for me. I think there should’ve been more between them, where he explained his history with the victim. Angela seemed clueless about their history and there was just something “off” about that. I also didn’t understand how Hodgins was allowed to be involved in the investigation if he truly was a suspect. Seems like a conflict of interest to me.

Mary Kate: Hodgins certainly has a temper, but I can never see him as a killer. Luckily, Booth noticed that and didn't push too hard. But, you could tell he was giving him more of a break after what he went through in prison. But, if this was a couple years ago Booth, I can't see him going easy on Hodgins.

Michelle: Poor Hodgins! He just can't catch a break, can he? I didn't blame him at all for getting upset at being a suspect yet again, but I did think it odd that he was allowed to work on the case after that.

Ashley: It's almost as though this is becoming a running joke. And like Bridget says, I think it could have been explored a lot further, especially when it comes his relationship with Angela. Booth's treatment of it was good, especially because it does remind us that Booth has been in that position -- and it a much worse way. So he's compassionate, and he shows that he trusts Hodgins. And I agree with everyone about the way the case was handled too. There's no way Hodgins would have been handling evidence is he was a suspect. That's another reason why it seems this was part of a running joke more than anything else.

What did you make of Booth's reaction to Wendell's concerns about his cancer?

Bridget: I loved the scene with Booth and Wendell. They’ve always had a special bond and it was nice to be reminded of that. I think Booth’s advice can apply to all of us in life. We can’t live scared; it’s no way to live. There are all kinds of bad things that can happen, and Booth is right -- sometimes you just have to deal with it.

Mary Kate: It was a big dose of tough love, but I guess to get Wendell out of his funk, Booth needed to be harsh with him. I've always liked the relationship between Wendell and Booth, since Booth has no interactions with any of the other Squinterns (minus Daisy). Wendell needed to hear that he was going to be fine, even if it wasn't in the kindest way.

Michelle: Completely surprising and yet absolutely perfect. I might have thought Booth would show sympathy and give Wendell a shoulder to cry on, but instead he told him to buck up and get tough. That was great. I also found that to be a big moment for Booth, speaking about a part of his life that he hardly ever does.

Ashley: It was just so nice to see Booth in the position of mentor. Yes, his advice was a little harsh, but it was useful and realistic. And it was just what Wendell needed to hear.

Are you satisfied with the amount of interaction between Booth and Brennan so far this season? Why or why not?

Bridget: I know there’s been some complaints by fans about the lack of screen time for these two as a couple. I’ve not felt that way. I have really enjoyed the scenes we’ve gotten and think they’ve shown the growth in B&B’s relationship. These are two very strong individuals, but when they come together they really balance each other out. I think we all wish there were more kissing and “coupley” type scenes with any of our on-screen couples, but a TV show can’t realistically spend an hour just on that. I’ve been ok with what we’ve gotten of B&B.

Mary Kate: It doesn't seem any different. I guess Brennan doesn't go out into the field with Booth as much, but you still get their moments throughout the episode. I'm liking Aubrey in the field with Booth. It's different, but fun to watch them have their own interactions.

Michelle: I haven't really noticed it either way so I guess that means I feel it's been just right. For me, the show isn't about their relationship romantically, but rather their relationship as a whole and how they work together. Plus, of course, the rest of the team.

Ashley: Well, I have to go against the group a little on this one and say that I'm not. I know this show has a lot to balance, but I do wish their was more interaction between Booth and Brennan. And not necessarily in a romantic way, though that would be nice to see of more too. They have great moments at home or talking about whatever case over lunch at the diner, and I think that's really important. What I want to see more of, though, is their partnership when it comes to things like chasing after suspects or going under cover.

What were your overall impressions of this episode? Or do you have anything you'd like to add to the discussion?

Bridget: I really enjoyed this episode. I thought the convention provided the perfect backdrop for the case-of-the-week. It gave us lots of laughs and funny moments. I enjoyed seeing the team from the Jeffersonian’s celebrity status and everyone pushing their products to the team. I think the other highlight for me was seeing Kirk (Sean Gunn) from Gilmore Girls as one of the guest stars. I may have gotten way too happy about that fact alone.

Mary Kate: I liked it, probably a favorite from the season so far. It was different then the usual episodes, but reminded me of episodes from earlier in the series. I would like more episodes like these in the future.

Michelle: I was very happy with Wendell's return and the way the case came together. Having Hodgins as a murder suspect again was a little tired. But I did enjoy how it brought him farther into the story, so I'm not complaining.

Ashley: So fun! I loved the forensic science convention (complete with all of the fun gadgets that the team was able to use as they examined the body), was glad to see Wendell return, and like Bridget, was maybe a little too thrilled to see Kirk from Gilmore Girls! What a awesome, timely guest appearance. Great episode overall.

What about you, Bones Fanatics? Leave your answers to any of these questions in the comments -- we want to hear your thoughts!

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Ashley Bissette Sumerel was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in September 2017. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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Tess is a forensic novelist who has no comprehension of forensics.


Angela: These record everything at the crime scene, so you can revisit the footage whenever you want.
Brennan: A useful device for people with no memory or powers of observation.