Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 9 Review: The Road Trip

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We witnessed the return of Eva Longoria as Sophie on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 9 when she is invited along with Amy's boyfriend Teddy to an overnight trip Upstate when Jake and Amy have to make a prisoner transfer.

But will Jake's relationship be put in jeopardy when Amy reveals she wants to dump Teddy? When Capt. Holt asks Boyle for cooking advice, will Boyle push Capt. Holt too far?

Rosa is sick and it's up to Terry and Gina to help her. But will the 99 descend into chaos in the meantime? A little and it's pretty "owesome."

Amy and Jake have come a long way since last season. They're comfortable around each other and the general awkwardness that used to exist when they were alone has, for the most part, dissipated. But problems arise when Jake invites Teddy along Upstate after already inviting Sophia. Amy, unbeknownst to Jake, plans to dump Teddy and doesn't want to see him at all.

Can we all just stop and collectively stand up and clap? From what we've learned about Teddy in the past few episodes, he seems like an obnoxious Brooklyn hipster douche. Yes, brewing your own beer can be fun (not to me since I hate the taste of beer) but to others; yes. But talking about pilsners (which I actually looked up since I have no beer knowledge whatsoever) all the time is annoying. Whether or not you're team Team Jamy, can we all just agree Amy deserves someone better? Yes? Moving on!

Capt. Holt decides to ask Boyle to help him plan an anniversary breakfast for his husband Kevin, much to Boyle's utter delight. Boyle is determined to make a connection with him because up until this point, all they had in common was their bank. This leads to a memorably hilarious exchange at the ATM.

Boyle: (sneaking up behind Capt. Holt and covering his eyes) Guess who?!
Capt. Holt: (drawing his weapon) NYPD! Hands up!
(Boyles screams)

Elsewhere in the 99, Rosa is sick and – shockingly – she's not the best patient around. From denying her illness to coughing on a suspect, she's going downhill fast. But Sgt. Terry has her back and show his skills as a negotiator. 

I just negotiated my baby girls down from a pony to a hamster. Little fools.


Gina even goes so far as locking Rosa in a room, under instructions from Sgt. Terry. No one is more terrifying than Rosa and this doesn't change when she's whispering threats in her sleep either.

I'm gonna rip your damn head off Grandma!


Can you imagine what it must be like to date Rosa and lie in bed with her at night and hear those kind of things coming from her sleeping mouth? Writers, please show this in the future! It would be amazing.

Teddy doesn't take the breakup well and immediately lashes out at Jake, blaming his feelings for Amy as the reason she chose to end it. Personally, I can think of about a MILLION other reasons why Amy would dump Teddy but let's not kick the guy when he's down. Oh wait. Too late. Amy even calls him "boring." Did anyone else laugh out loud at that? Just me... Okay then.

Back at the 99, Boyle tries to teach Capt. Holt the basics by showing him that even something as relatively simple as scrambled eggs can be difficult. But Capt. Holt isn't having any of it and storms out. 

Boyle: No. What you smell is the burning wreckage of my relationship with Holt.
Scully: Soooo... there's no corn on the cob?

Capt. Holt, with the help of Boyle's food blog, eventually realizes what Boyle was trying to teach him all along. Food isn't just food. It can be a way to relive some of your best memories with another person.

Capt. Holt makes some kind of French sandwich that he and Kevin once shared together during a trip to France. Boyle can't hide his giddiness upon discovering that Holt has a natural talent for cooking. Will we see more cooking between Boyle and Capt. Holt in the future? One can only hope. Boyle's scenes with Holt usually take place with Jake and we haven't really seen them alone. It will be great if the writers decide to explore their relationship.

Amy and Teddy's relationship implodes while Jake and Sophia's heats up. Sophia is ready to walk away until Jake convinces her his feelings for Amy are in the past. But are they or did Jake just get sick and tired of pining for Amy, while she dated someone else? I'm going to go with the latter. Whether or not you're Team Jamy, this episode is definitely a step in the right direction for those two, which is clearly evident in their last playful scene together.

Jake: Don't get me wrong. I am thrilled to know that you used to like me and I will bring it up constantly.
Amy: Great.
Jake: Hey, should we make a left up here at "You used to like me" Lane or...
Amy: Ha ha.
Jake: I could always just cut across "Amy used to like Jake" Boulevard.
Amy: Stop it, or I'll crash the car!
Jake: Don't do that!

Will Jake and Sophia last the rest of the season? Eva Longoria has at least two more appearances left so anything can happen. Or will Jake finally profess his love for Amy? Will Capt. Holt embrace his inner chef under the tutelage of Boyle?

Please continue watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online and find out! Also, whatever happened with Gina's mom and Boyle's dad? We need answers!

The Road Trip Review

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