Castle Episode Preview: A Wild Honeymoon

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After last week's wedding episode, Castle show creator Andrew Marlowe tweeted, "Not to overhype it, but next week's episode is pretty spectacular. Yee-haw!"

So expectations are high for a Castle and Beckett's romp through the wild west. Here's a few things you can expect from Castle Season 7 Episode 7.

  • You'd think their friends would be thrilled they finally tied the knot but the incredibly happy couple faces the ire of those who weren't invited to their impromptu nuptials.
  • Castle is positively giddy when their honeymoon/murder investigation turns into a treasure hunt.
  • Kate makes friends with a naked cowboy…and it's not Rick!
  • A person you might not expect campaigns to get the newlyweds a little more honeymoon time. 

For plenty of corsets, cowboy hats, and love under the stars don't miss out on tonight's Castle "Once Upon a Time in the West"

And if you want to relive the Caskett romance, watch Castle online here at TV Fanatic. 

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Castle Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Esposito: Really, we didn't get that call.
Ryan: Once again, not invited.

Lanie: I am your maid of honor. I haven't had a carb in months just in case I had to put that damn dress back on.
Kate: And you look great.
Lanie: Kate, save the flattery. You owe me dinner. I'm picking the restaurant and we're ordering all the desserts.