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In the middle of a case, an explosion and and mystical artifact...or maybe just a lack of sleep propel Rick Castle into an alternate universe in Castle Season 7 Episode 6 where he's never met Kate Beckett or anyone from the 12th precinct. 

Even Martha and Alexis have changed as Martha is now a true Broadway diva and Alexis dyed her hair and headed off to Los Angeles to live with her mother. As for Rick, he never wrote Nikki Heat, his latest novel was panned by critics and didn't sell, and he's squandered most of his money. 

But Rick must convince Captain Beckett to allow him to help on the case in order to find the stolen artifiact he believes can send him home. Unfortunately this version of Beckett is a bit different from the one he knows. She's never solved her mother's murder and feels she wasn't cut out to be a detective. Her lack of drive and tenacity leave Rick to head off on his own to solve the case. 

Things take a turn when Beckett follows and just as Rick finds the artifact, shots are fired and he steps in front of a bullet for his Kate, no matter what the timeline. 

When Castle wakes up to the real Beckett his is determined to make things right and asks, will she marry him, now?

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Castle Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

it's like It's a Wonderful Life. Every time your phone rings, a victim gets their wings.


Your old FBI squeeze? You're so lucky I came along and saved you from that life.