JR Ramirez Teases Murder Charges For Ted, Katie Cassidy Kicking Butt on Arrow

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For those of you curious about who exactly Ted Grant is, Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 will finally provide some answers.

On tonight’s outing, a murder charge against Grant (who comic book fans know as Wildcat) will prompt Laurel to help him figure out his innocence, along with who’s behind framing Grant.

With Laurel potentially taking over her deceased sister’s role as Black Canary, she’s been working hard to get into shape with Grant’s help - but how will Oliver react when he finds out about her training? Will a little bit of jealousy come into play?

I jumped on the phone yesterday with actor JR Ramirez, who is very excited for fans to see this week’s episode since it sheds more light on the character. But did Ramirez like the physicality of the show? Let’s find out…

Put 'em Up - Arrow Season 3 Episode 6

TV Fanatic: What did you know about Ted Grant and Wildcat before you booked this job? Are you a comic book kind of guy?

JR Ramirez: You know what? Not really. I didn’t really read many comics when I was a kid. I was, just like any other young man in this world, obsessed with Batman, Superman, Spiderman but more than anything Batman. I had every action figure you could possible imagine.

I didn’t really know much about Wildcat or Ted Grant. I started to do a lot of research when I got the role because initially when I got it it was released under a different name. I thought it was just going to be a normal boxer and fighter who was going to train Laurel but when they released the role and I realized the extent of it and who this guy was in the comic book world. That’s when I really got excited. I did a lot of research and I love to box, I boxed as a kid quite a bit. It was like a little dream come true. That’s when it really hit home.

TVF: There’s a murder charge coming his way in this episode. Safe to say it’s a good thing he’s in close proximity to Laurel?

JRR: Yeah, so convenient, huh? Definitely. He’s used to stuff not going so well in his life so he’s a bit out of his element this time around. He’s accused of a serious charge so it’s definitely going to help to have someone like Laurel around to help him try to figure out what’s going on and who’s doing all this stuff.

TVF: We know that Ted in the comics plays a big part in Laurel’s development, we assume, as a superhero. Will we see some of that in this episode? Or does that get curtailed a bit.

JRR: You don’t see a lot of that in this episode. It’s more about her trying to get down and help Ted figure out who’s doing this and get him out of the trouble that he’s now in. I think more than anything what you see in this episode is the interaction with Ted and Arrow. You see them have a stand-off that I’m excited to see how it came out.

TVF: How physical do we see you get in this week’s episode? Do you get involved with that?

JRR: Oh, yeah, absolutely. There’s going to be a lot of physicality in this episode. This is my favorite episode so far because I love all that stuff. I’m a very physical actor and I love physicality. It drives me so much. You get to see a little bit of his background, that he used to be a vigilante but we have no idea where it’s going to go but the fight sequences and action aspect of the show, he’s definitely involved quite a bit in this next episode.

TVF: How’s it been working with the cast? You and Katie have had a lot of scenes and she’s really impressed me with some of her physicality just boxing in the ring with you.

JRR: Man, she’s kicking butt! I was like ‘Oh, this girl is skinny…’ No, she’s fast! She can throw a nice hook. She’s been doing her homework. It’s been amazing working with Katie. She’s extremely talented and a very generous actor. She’s been very available and you can tell that she’s really all about embarking down this road that they’re taking her down so it’s only made me elevate my game.

Stephen, as well. Stephen has been a blessing to work with since we’re had a lot of scenes in common. Everyone on the show, to be honest with you, that I’ve had the pleasure of coming into contact with, I haven’t been able to work with all of them but you can just tell they’re having the time of their lives.

TVF: For someone who is very physical, has it been a challenge doing a lot of the action sequences or not so much?

JRR: It’s not really been a challenge but it’s been so much fun. It’s been more of a challenge to let them let me do the stunts! When it gets really intense, they’re like ‘no, no no, you can’t.’ I’m like ‘Come on!’ I was all about doing the stunts. They let me do a few things that they were cringing about but that’s the stuff that I really wanted to do. It was really fun though. I can’t wait for more of that.

TVF: Is Laurel the main person he’s leaning on or do we see other people in his life that he might lean on?

JRR: That’s an interesting question. Obviously, it’s going to be more than anything Laurel. I think the interesting thing about this episode is there’s a huge stand-off between him and Arrow but they realize they can be an asset to each other and that’s as much as I can give you but it’s an interesting dynamic. At first you’ll see they don’t like each other very much and then you see they have a lot more in common that people think. Ted very much keeps to himself. I don’t think Ted likes to have too many people help him out but he’s beyond grateful that he happens to have Laurel in the position help in the situation that he’s now in so it’s worked out to his benefit, for sure.

TVF: If Oliver doesn’t really like Ted, is that partially jealousy since Oliver and Laurel have a past or is it more protectiveness?

JRR: I’m sure it’s a few of those things, absolutely. He doesn’t want Laurel to learn the ropes, learn how to fight, seek out revenge and get hurt but she’s training with a boxer who she obviously is enjoying her time with. So I think more than anything there’s going to be a nice little power struggle between both of them. I’m anxious to see how everyone likes it.

TVF: Now, you are in really good shape but is there a comfort food that you have a hard time resisting.

JRR: Oh, absolutely. I would be happy with a burger and fries any day. That’s my thing. I’m all about a burger, fries and a little bit of ranch.

Arrow Season 3 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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