Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Treading Water

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So Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 11 was a mess. And I mean that in the best way possible. 

There were tears, many fights, the push heard round the world and Brandy! It only took us all season, but we finally got to see Brandy. And she was on hand to give out some good advice to her younger bro, who was still reeling from last week's blowup with Morgan.

This may have been my favorite episode thus far and the absence of Masika and Berg probably had a lot to do with that. 

Ray J and Princess - Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

I guess there's no better place to begin than with Ray J. I'm really glad he's attending anger management classes now so he can better deal with situations, but it would be awesome if he could just stay away from the drama all together.

But, no. He just can't seem to do that. 

He met up with Brandy to discuss his Princess problem and she counseled him just as well as their Dad did a few weeks back. Apparently, all the Norwood's are psychologists in there spare time. 

Brandy straight up blamed Ray J for all his problems and told him she didn't like his environment. And by environment, he assumed she meant Princess.

It's rather interesting that his whole family seems to be pro-Teairra, when we've all seen her try to physically assault him and a host of others this season. 

Anyway, Ray made a nice fancy dinner for Princess and it was pretty much set up for him to just tell her to stop talking to Morgan. Considering Morgan clearly has a huge mouth, Princess probably should have just agreed with him. But no, she got defensive and things just went bad, bad, bad. 

It started with her throwing her champagne at Ray, then some food and finally a little red wine. Ray kept his composure for the most part, you know, anger management classes and all. But then he had to grab her shoulders, some pushing ensued and then plop!

Princess was in the pool. 

Ray, Ray, Ray. He really, really needs to get his life right. 

Elsewhere, Hazel sought to make amends with Teairra but it didn't really go so well. I felt like Hazel was sincere in her apology, but asking Teairra to give up her Berg record was ridiculous. 

I rarely agree with Teairra, but she was right to call her out on that insane ultimatum. A true friend would never ask you to do something like that. 

And Hazel sweetheart, didn't you go to Berg's party on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 10 with Ray J? 

Now do not mistake me sticking up for Teairra as me changing my attitude towards her. Because if we weren't cool before, we are 100% not cool now. 

Teairra Mari is the person responsible for setting up Fizz and Nikki. I will never forgive Tea Tea for this. 

Watching Fizz drool over Nikki was not something I ever want to witness again. He was clearly infatuated with her body and he wasn't even being slick about staring at her chest while they were out on their date. 

Just writing that sentence made me sad.

I'm hopeful they will realize they have nothing in common, so he can ask me out and their date will have meant nothing! If that doesn't happen, we're all in this together ladies. 

Fizz's ex Moniece was trying to reignite her music career and also off telling Fizz stories to some online blogs. Fizz was less than pleased with what she was saying and the two had quite the chat while walking down the streets of LA. 

There is so much he said, she said between these two, it's kind of hard to know who to believe. Just from other things I've seen and read though, I tend to believe Fizz's version of the past.

After last week's devastating miscarriage, Nia and Soulja were drifting further and further apart. The pain Nia was going through was written all over her face and it killed me to watch Soulja sitting across from her in that studio, acting like his music career was the only thing happening in his life. 

I think it's obvious these two care about each other, but if Soulja is unwillingly to make Nia more of a priority, then I don't see how they can have much of a future. 

This season is winding down quickly and it looks like we're in for a crazy one next week! 

What did you guys think of this week's episode? Were you as saddened by the Nikki/Fizz pairing as I was? Didn't Brandy look gorgeous? Will Ray J ever get it together?

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Treading Water Review

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