Mulaney Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Motif and the City

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On Mulaney Season 1 Episode 7 Motif is hurt Jane and Mulaney do not want to include him on the lease to the apartment and decides to move out. 

As I have been hinting at in my previous Mulaney reviews, this show is on the up-and-up. It seems to be maturing, and the proof is in the fact it is successfully making fun of itself. Instead of coming off as trying to be funny, it is coming off as funny. Wonderful!

Lou: You don't have what it takes to be an audience plant, you are moderately handsome.
Mulaney: Oh, thank you.
Lou: And you are a terrible, terrible actor.

It was fitting for a show set in New York to have a theme surrounding apartment issues, especially when two of the characters are struggling comedians. It was a problem that made sense and was completely in the realm of issues we expect our characters to face. 

Motif dealt with his frustration about the lease by channeling his inner Carrie Bradshaw; reaching out to his homies/girls. As a fan of Sex and the City I immediately picked up on the Charice character being an incarnation of Samantha Jones. She suggested Motif do an "excavation" into Jane and Mulaney's past roommates. 

The casting of Motif as this new conversation-dominating Carrie was a clever idea. As a fan of the show I thought the caricatures of the girls were funny, but I think Motif's character was lost in the scene. 

We get it. You are the Carrie. You dominate the conversation, a lot.


I think the focus on all things New York really worked for the story line this week. It is something the audience can believe the characters care about, and that makes it so much more satisfying to joke about and watch unravel. As for Lou's problem, I have nothing to say, nor do I remember anything about it. 

The relationships between the three roommates have also been firmly established. Jane and Mulaney have known each other for years, and they have finally found a third friend who can balance them out. 

Mulaney getting forced off of the lease, essentially taking Motif's place, was a perfect ending. The apartment is meant for three peoplel in fact, two is pushing the limit. Move over Mulaney, Jane is calling the shots and Motif's name is going on the lease. 

Mulaney: Fine Jane I wish I could wreck your body.
Jane: Stop it!

Do you agree that focusing on the New York setting made for a better story line? Are you glad that Motif moved back in? Were you happy there was less Andre?

Follow the gang as they deal with their New York apartment issues when you watch Mulaney online via TV Fanatic! 

Motif and the City Review

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We canceled the Time Travel Channel.


I was looking for an apartment and one wall was a mirror. It makes the place look bigger.