Reign Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Three Queens

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What a refreshing change of pace for Reign Season 2!

The season started with the plague and the threat of royals uprising against the new King and Queen of France, and carried on dramatically with Lola's baby with Francis and Mary's terminated pregnancy.

While Reign Season 2 Episode 6 had some dramatic moments, thankfully most of it was lighthearted and showcased the brilliance of Mary and Catherine sharing screen time. In doing so, we were treated to a buddy movie, Reign style. They make a heck of a team.

It's impossible not to chat about the specifics of this installment. While there were moments to ponder, the freshest were those that we want to relive and laugh about together. I hope you don't mind.

Catherine's plan to go out and commune with the people to ensure their love was interrupted when Mary decided she would tag along for the ride. It's not as if they're the best of friends, so it didn't take much for Catherine to realize that Mary had a purpose.

The very people that Catherine had been hoping to engage interrupted their voyage, stopping the carriage and shouting death to the royals. That wouldn't do and thus they women were left to fend for themselves, no money and without an identity the could share.

Despite their predicament, the trip was filled with merriment and terrific banter between the two women. Megan Follows was clearly enjoying the hell out of herself and was at the top of her game. Catherine scarfed down a capon leaving only the bones, not a hint of gristle on them; her face covered in grease. What a laugh! She was comfortable enough with Mary to set aside their differences and to talk with honestly.

Mary was hoping to go to Beauvais to see a doctor specializing in women's problems. Considering she has no fertility problems this early in her marriage, it was heartbreaking that she would go to such great lengths, especially since Francis wasn't honest with her to begin with.

Catherine: I suppose you mean infertility because no man has any inkling about women's problems. Oh, I spent 10 years suffering the same uncertainty.
Mary: And yet you torment me.
Catherine: All in good fun. But is Francis pressing you about it?
Mary: He submitted that it bothers him and he's become distant. He doesn't share his problems with me like he used to. If this goes on, what will our marriage become?
Catherine: Normal, especially for a royal. A crown changes everything.

Catherine's decision to talk with Mary with frank and earnest admissions about her own life concerned Mary. She never wants to think that her life with Francis could in any way end up like Catherine's with Henry. That's a most terrible prospect.

Mary, I know that you think I belittle your marriage by comparing it to mine, but that is not why I talk to you the way I do. I walked this road first, that's all, and I learned if you hold on to foolish romantic expectations, it will make it that much harder.


When the fake royals came into the picture, things became ever more entertaining. Catherine admitting to Mary there was some truth to the story of the tortured family of hat makers brought a chuckle. Mary wisely decided to use the woman masquerading as her to get to the Duke in the area safely. 

Catherine continued to use every chance she could to act her part. When they admitted they, too, were impostors trying to make a living out of being Catherine and Mary, the Queen Mother was chomping on grapes and winking her agreement with Mary during the conversation -- such good fun from Megan Follows. 

The unexpected turn of events that Queen Elizabeth had infiltrated Francis' army with Gifford and the imposters was well done. They had no intention of being taken without a fight.

Mary: If I learned one thing at French court it's worth keeping a dagger on you. [whips out a dagger] [Catherine whips out a two pronged hair pin] Poison?
Catherine: You say that so hopefully now, but sadly it's not. I don't carry poison everywhere! I might accidentally kill myself.

Didn't you wish the Mary imposter made her way back to the castle? She would have been so fun to have around. What we received instead was a new relationship between Catherine and Mary, which included Catherine having words with Francis.

Catherine: I was reminded today that she's a good fighter to have when your back's against the wall. Whatever is going on, trust her, be honest. If you don't, she'll end up a thousand miles away from you, playing her role out of duty.
Francis: And you would care?
Catherine: She has a childlike belief that a woman should trust her husband. I find I wish it were true.

Francis' apology to Mary didn't quite do the trick. He may have tricked her once with lies, but it won't happen again. She knows that it wasn't the pressures of being a King that caused him to lash out. Catherine suggested Mary have her own life and a place to find solace. I took that to mean another man's arms. Even though Mary and Francis appeared committed once again, the look on her face as she clung to him was of an unhappy woman.

Time will tell if they manage to truly find their way back to each other. At least, in the meantime, Catherine is on Mary's side and not accepting of her son's pressure on Mary. Hopefully her continued involvement in their lives will have a positive impact going forward.

The side story of Lola and Narcisse was palatable, but not engaging enough. While applauding Lola for wanting her dowry back (that whole situation kills), it is unwise for her to get involved with Narcisse, even if she thinks she somehow has the wits to match his. 

Narcisse is still holding Francis' reign hostage with the knowledge he has about Henry's death. If Francis shared what he did with Mary, she could counsel Lola to steer clear of Narcisse and wouldn't have to tell her why. If Francis discovers their fraternization, he may want to confide in Lola what he did instead of Mary to keep the man away from his son.

That doesn't sound like a good development at all. If he shares what is happening with anyone else but Mary, most especially Lola, it could ruin any progress with Mary even more than the first lie he told.

There is a part of Narcisse that looks like a good package from the outside. He is also charming and kind of sexy in a rakish way. Like the impostors, however, he was taking advantage of a broken populace by stealing and murdering to gain assets. That makes him a problem and an unsuitable match for the mother of the King's child whether he stops threatening him or not.

The lion's share of the hour belonged to Catherine and Mary and was better for it. This is, after all, a show about Mary Queen of Scots more than any other. It highlights the empowerment of women in a time when there was little to the idea. It makes perfect sense the best scenes would come from the two most powerful women in the Kingdom. Let's see a lot more of them together!

Hit the comments. You loved it! I captured all of the greatest moments in Reign quotes, so take a peek. Are you hoping for more between Mary and Catherine? How do you feel about Lola entertaining Narcisse? Are you still worried about Mary and Francis? Let me know.

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Three Queens Review

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Reign Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Mary: But peasants? You have never cared about them.
Catherine: Oh! I may not care about peasants individually, but in general, I care a great deal. And so should you. Our gowns, our crowns, our chateaus - they all depend on the good will of the commoner for a very good reason. There are 20 million of them and one small family of royals. We must have their love. Thank heavens I can buy it.

Mary: Francis, I don't want to play a part with you. I don't want to pretend that I am happy when I am not.
Francis: Mary...
Mary: I know that I insisted you tell me what was wrong, but it was harsh to hear just the same. I didn't realize how disappointed you were for not giving you a child, but I am glad that you were honest with me. That's what we need the most from each other. Give me time. I'll come to terms with it.