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When Mary and Catherine flee angry peasants, Francis fears it's because of his own actions and arranges a search party.

The people are burning beehives. I'm unsure why.

Francis is happily chatting away with Mary. She is not herself and Francis doesn't notice straight away.

Mary is planning a trip with all of the latest comforts, including a brick to warm her feet. She's not pleased that Mary wants to accompany her and tries to talk her out of it.

Lola receives word from her family that she has been disowned due to the disgrace.

Kenna suggests Lola think of the future and taking care of herself, should Francis ever fall. She will need to flee to assure her son isn't killed.

Mary discovers that Catherine is going to help villagers rebuild and wonders why she is always given advice to the contrary.

Catherine shares her reasoning. Perhaps Mary should also consider gathering a bolt hole of her own.

Just then the road is crowded with those peasants, angry as well, who want the royals killed. Mary and Catherine flee on foot.

Lola discovers that the dowry she paid to Lord Julien reverts to his family now that the King claimed his son. Her banker says she had no recourse. That seems doubtful.

Catherine has dropped her foot into a fox hole and is limping along. She wants to head to the nearby town and demand dinner, something difficult without purses or coins. They're for the servants! The pub owner says he doesn't believe she is friends of the Duke without horses. Mary offers to work for their meal and a place to sleep for the night. He wants her to wait tables. Done.

Catherine bites right into her capon without even cutting it. Mary looks disgusted. They try to determine how to get out of their situation, but nothing come up.

Narcisse offers to say a word to the banker on her behalf. In return for tea. He doesn't press, but hopes she changes her mind.

Catherine polishes off her capon and licks her fingers. She then wonders why Mary needed to get to Beauvais. There is a celebrated doctor who knows about women's problems. Mary realizes it must be infertility because no man knows about women's problems. She tells Mary to find her own life and work and give up on the romantic notions of marriage.

They hear the royal carriage is arriving. Impostors emerge from inside. The new king is looking for money, grabbing what they can, after all the plague has devastated the country. Catherine is impressed with his cunning.

Kenna wants Lola to stay away from Narcisse. Lola realizes that Narcisse is the one who told her his wives died of natural causes. When Kenna learns he was the man from the journal, she understands Lola's curiosity.

The peasants ask "Her Majesty" questions about Queen Catherine's nefarious deeds. "Queen Mary" talks about a pond filled with asses milk and the peasants start to turn on her. Mary intervenes.

Narcisse has Lola at his house. It's his retreat from court. Lola attempts archery.

Francis happens upon a peasant and claims he is the King of France. Nonsense. The King burned down her farm. They realize there are impostors afoot trying to tarnish their good names.

The woman wants the castle to burn and Mary writhe in pain inside. One of Francis' men draws his blade. Francis shuts him down. They must split up and look for the women.

Mary and Catherine go to see the "Queen" under their guise as Ladies' Maids. As Mary pleads their case, Catherine noshes on the food and winks her approval at the conversation. When the "Queen" says she has always wanted to be a Ladies' Maid, Mary wonders why, after all, she's the Queen of France. The girl knows the jig is up. She wants to know why Mary backed her up about the asses' milk story and is surprised Mary didn't want to see her hurt.

Catherine says they are professional deceivers, too. They play Mary Queen of Scots and Catherine de' Medici. Aren't they a little short? Not when you're wearing a crown. Mary promises the crown in return for their safe passage to the Duke. The girl was an actress. Then the "King" comes in.

There is a gathering at the castle. Narcisse pushes the envelope by suggesting Lola bathe in a window while he watches and he'll help get her dowry back. She laughs about it, but a part of her is considering the offer quite seriously. And she seems turned on.

Mary wants the Queen impostor to return with them to the castle. She hopes to make her a real Ladies' Maid.

Armsmen Gifford has apparently been working with the impostors. He kills everyone inside, but he cannot kill the woman because Mary wants her. Gifford kisses the crying girl and tells his men to accompany him to White Horse Hill where he plans to bury the two Queens.

Mary has a dagger and Catherine a deadly hair pin. Mary wants the girl to kill Gifford because she can get close enough. She's too frightened. Good, Catherine says, because cowards want to live. The quickest way to the heart is through he fifth and sixth rib, she says, as she uses Mary as an example.

When the carriage stops, Gifford admits Queen Elizabeth is behind the imposters. The girl tries to stab Gifford, but fails. Gifford snaps her neck. Catherine wants to be held for ransom. Mary whips out the hairpin, claiming poison, pokes it into the horse and it kills Gifford.

Catherine takes her son to task over things with Mary and asks him to trust her before she's a million miles away.

Lola strips in front of the window as Narcisse watches. Or so he thinks. Lola walks up behind him and agrees that it is a beautiful night for a bath, but he's watching her laundress. She said for five gold pieces the entire castle could watch. Narcisse says he already stopped the transfer of her dowry. It's hers. He would be honored to be of further service in the future.

Francis apologizes to Mary, but fails to tell her the truth about why he lashed out in the first place. Mary agrees to allow him to fix things, but doesn't seem to believe he is telling her everything, as there are tears in her eyes and a frown on her face.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Mary: But peasants? You have never cared about them.
Catherine: Oh! I may not care about peasants individually, but in general, I care a great deal. And so should you. Our gowns, our crowns, our chateaus - they all depend on the good will of the commoner for a very good reason. There are 20 million of them and one small family of royals. We must have their love. Thank heavens I can buy it.

Mary: Francis, I don't want to play a part with you. I don't want to pretend that I am happy when I am not.
Francis: Mary...
Mary: I know that I insisted you tell me what was wrong, but it was harsh to hear just the same. I didn't realize how disappointed you were for not giving you a child, but I am glad that you were honest with me. That's what we need the most from each other. Give me time. I'll come to terms with it.