The Millers Season 2 Episode 4 Review: You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings, Man

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Tonight, we find out why Nathan is obsessed with himself in The Millers Season 2 Episode 4 and Debbie makes a big decision that leaves Adam feeling left out.

The Millers is never going to be known as the greatest comedy. At best, it's going for moderately successful. I just wish it wasn't so bi-polar. One week it shows promise while the next week is almost unbearable. This was one of its better weeks. 

They continue to make some tweaks to the characters and their lives, so here's hoping that the pendulum stays at better and above and doesn't return to awful. 

Debbie and Adam officially closed their restaurant, The Whispering Frog. The bad food they served had been the running joke for the past year. 

Your restaurant is the only place I've ever seen raccoons put a lid back on the trash can.


Of course, Adam had the brilliant idea to buy a food truck. Good one, Adam. I wish it was a joke but it's not. Thankfully, Carol intervened and suggested to Debbie that she try doing her own thing, rather than following Adam. 

I let Tom talk me into some stupid things, like marriage itself.


Debbie agreed. Hallelujah. Adam and Debbie have never been the best developed characters. They tend to be more caricatures than people (a complaint that holds up against most of the characters), so I am hoping new jobs will make them more interesting because being failures didn't make them funny.

Nathan has always had a weird quirk where he owns a lot of products with his face on them. He's a good-looking guy, but I don't think George Clooney or Brad Pitt stare at themselves as much as he does.

Ray called him out for being a poor wingman because he's too self-involved, which Nathan denied. Of course, in his attempt to prove otherwise, he failed miserably. So like a good son, he went to Carol for guidance.

Nathan: Am I only interested in myself? I'm worried that I'm becoming a narcissist.
Carol: Well, that's ridiculous. How could a boy as smart and handsome as you, with the perfect amount of leg hair for a man, ever become a narcissist?
Kip: Yeah. I wonder.

Kip took it upon himself to help Nathan. I'm still not 100% sure what to think of Kip. He hasn't made the show better, nor worse. I'm not entirely sure why he is there, other than helping to get Carol out of Nathan's home, which was much needed. Is Kip hitting your funny bone or making you grit your teeth?

Kip did manage to help Nathan recognize an important truth. 

Please, just stop. You're right. I'm not so great. In fact, the only reason I talk about myself so much is because I'm worried that no one else will.


Awww ... there is the heart. The quiet moment and truth every comedy needs, even if it just for a split second. 

Nathan threw out all of the products with his face stamped on them and realized that all of these items were gifts from Ray. In his new self-aware state, it also dawned on him that he had never returned the favor. 

He and Kip went to Ray's house. Nathan apologized for being a bad friend and promised to be a better wingman. Ray assured Nathan that he doesn't need a wingman. When the waitress from the bar came out of his bedroom, she agreed.

You were right about your friend. He does have the longest zoom in the business.


Before leaving, Nathan paused in the front of the mirror and said, "best wingman ever." Hey, I never said growth had to last. 

What did you think of tonight's episode? What are you thoughts about Kip? Don't forget that you can watch The Millers online via TV Fanatic at your convenience. 

You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings, Man Review

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