The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Run

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The twins arrived, Neal took a stand, Don and Sloan defined their relationship and Maggie found her moral compass on The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 2

But the story of the night was Neal's. Standing on his moral high horse it really didn't feel like he was taking the possible consequences of what he'd done seriously. It could have been a great story, if he hadn't asked his source to steal more documents from the government or told him how to do it. 

Will Protects Neal - The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 2

Mac's source just fed into Neal's delusion that this was no big deal. Perhaps worse, Neal wanted to play the hero and perhaps prove himself to Will. Well, prove himself he did but at what price? 

Now the questions become how far, how fast, and how long can Neal run before this all catches up with him.

Maggie met a couple of strangers on a train. Little did she know that one could lead to a big story while the other could be a possible romantic interest. 

Maggie went through a series of moral and mental gymnastics as she tried to figure out the right thing to do about the EPA story. On the one hand, it just fell in her lap. On the other, she had to slump down in her seat and use a stranger to help her deceive and eavesdrop. The latter is what led to Maggie's The Newsroom quote

You can save your students a lot of time. On the first day of class tell them they know the difference between right and wrong. Do what's right. They don't need a lawyer to tell them their moral absolutes and whenever you hear someone giving a monologue defending the ethics of their decision you can be pretty sure they know they were wrong.


Love how the professor pointed out that she was giving a monologue just then but it didn't negate her point. Generally, we all know what the right thing is, if we don't talk ourselves out of it. 

Don and Sloan were the hour's comic relief and as they tried hard not to define their relationship. Don was the first to actually voice the question, leaving Sloan as the one to dodge the answer as though she didn't fully understand the what he'd asked.

Yeah you do because this is exactly how I act in the same situation. Suddenly I pretend I'm stupid and hearing impaired.


I love that these two are so much alike that they don't fall for each other's crap, although Don's face when Sloan pulled the I Love You card was priceless. 

Hallie put out a truly stupid tweet over the ACN Twitter account after the Boston Marathon bombing. "Republicans rejoice that there's finally a national tragedy that doesn't involve guns." It was inflammatory and sure to get plenty of retweets…and get her fired. Rightfully so. The news is slanted enough without adding hate bashing to the mix.

Finally we get to the twins, Randy and Blair. Talk about a dysfunctional step-family. Blair knew all the buttons to push to use Reese's insecurity about his father. Charlie tried to play mediator and Leona came in and put an end to the bickering. If this was all about money, she'd buy them out. Unfortunately that means she's got to come up with $4 billion in ten days. Is that even possible?

With Neal on the run, is this ACN's next Genoa or can they find a way to save him from himself while still getting the story?

Run Review

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The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Neither the first nor any other amendment protects you when you conspire to commit treason.


Blair: Reese, you're a douche.
Resse: Yes I am but I'm a douche on the side of the angels.