The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Main Justice

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Venezuela. That's where Neal decided to run on The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 3. Much like Will, I expected him to be hold up in a Super 8 in Bayonne, not heading up to Canada to take a flight to a non-extradition country. Unless he plans to live there the rest of his life, I think he just made things a whole lot worse. 

The ACN Team - The Newsroom

I was surprised when the FBI stood down just because Charlie threatened to turn on the cameras during their raid. As Will pointed out in this The Newsroom quote

They had a solid warrant and a solid reason for seeking it. I'm not at all convinced we're the good guys.


Mac took the raid way too personally as she started sniping with Agent Molly Levy about not having turned in her RSVP to the wedding. Does every wedding reception have a loser table? Molly turned out to be a really good friend when she met Mac in the steam room to give her the heads up on the investigation. She was risking her entire career with that one visit. 

Every time Mac repeated the line that no reporter has ever been charged under the Espionage Act, I keep thinking that there's a first time for everything. 

When Lilly approached Mac at the Correspondence Dinner and threatened to dump all 27,000 documents online if ACN didn't run the story I half hoped Mac would turn her in. The death of 38 people is a story that should be told but not at the risk of countless lives that would be put in danger if she simply released those classified documents to the world. 

Will Mac even tell Will about that meeting now that he has a subpoena hanging over him? If Neal had come in for the meeting, things may have gone as planned but with his run for South America in the mix, it's certainly possible that Will overestimated how much his star power will help.

Elsewhere, Maggie's EPA interview went off the rails when the man had nothing more to share but our irreversible, apocalyptic doom. I'm not sure how much anyone believed him but at least he wasn't boring. 

I appreciated that Maggie was honest with Jim about how he comes across to the women in his life. It's the tone that says, I love you but you suck. And she was right about his outrage over Hallie's contract. Bonus money for hitting a certain amount of page views is the way websites survive. Has Jim's career in network news been so isolated that he doesn't know that?

Maggie: That's because you live in the time of King Arthur with Don, Will, and Charlie. 

I completely understood Hallie's fury when Jim basically told her the only reason she even got the job was because she knew dirt about ACN and that he was afraid she'd use it. Granted, she messed up big with that tweet and she deserved to be fired for it but in the scheme of things you expect your boyfriend to believe the best in you and Jim obviously sees the worst more often than not. 

Finally we get to Reese and Leona's desperate attempt to save their company from being sold off in pieces by Blair and Randy. Charlie had high hopes for Mr. Pruitt until he learned that his goal so to crowd source the news and turn ACN into 500 online channels including stalker themes. I think I was just as depressed as Charlie. 

So will the sale of ACN mean that Jim will finally have to live in a world where page views matter? What will Mac do now that she knows who the leak is and will we ever see Neal Sampat again?

Main Justice Review

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The Newsroom Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

They had a solid warrant and a solid reason for seeking it. I'm not at all convinced we're the good guys.


How have neither of you in all this time absorbed any of the technology involved in broadcasting the news that you know, do?