White Collar Season 6 Episode 1 Review: Borrowed Time

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Finally, after what seems like forever, White Collar returned to our television screens.

But it was slightly bittersweet, as we know that White Collar Season 6 Episode 1 will be last season premiere we'll see from this USA Network classic.

As you'll probably remember, TV Fanatic reported the news about the shortened season, which left a lot of questions about what you do with only six episodes until the series finale.

But not to worry, the writers shot us off to a rather intriguing start that didn't have this Collar wondering about it for too long!

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After Neal's abduction in the final seconds of White Collar Season 5 Episode 13, every Collar couldn't help but wonder where in the world Neal Caffrey could be.

I am happy to report he is still in New York, and, as always, not far off of Peter Burke's radar -- a "radar" typically aided by Neal's ankle jewelry, which his captors astutely removed. But when you kidnap one of the FBI's most valuable consultants, it isn't long before Burke and his team are on the case!

The installment was a classic cat and mouse game, with Neal in a between a rock and a hard place, conning the con, and puling some kind of heist, meanwhile Peter is racing against the clock to get ahead of Neal before he puts himself into another compromising situation that jeopardizes his freedom now, or in the future. This is the formula we're used to.

What we aren't used to, which I think is what really caught my attention about this installment, is that we don't typically encounter people who are dead and, when we do, they're typically people who are close to Neal. Let's not forget what happened to Ellen, his father's partner, back in White Collar Season 4. Now we can add Rebecca to the list, whose last words about borrowed time and Neal needing to enjoy what time he had left were haunting. Could Neal potentially suffer the same fate?

I would like think not, but now that he has successfully auditioned to join the Pink Panthers -- great name by the way -- could this ring of talented thieves and con artists be the end of Neal? Are they ruthless or just very skilled at their criminal activity of choice? I guess only time will tell.

And speaking of telling -- how excited are we for the Burke baby?! It's about time El and Peter became parents. It's not like they haven't had tons of experience. I'd like to think of Peter and Neal very much the picture of a father-son relationship at its finest!

All in all, there's clear indication that this season will be jam-packed with all the action and intrigue six episodes could possibly contain. So let's enjoy them, shall we?

What else do you think Neal is after in all this? Could his association with the Pink Panthers result in a fate similar to Rebecca's? Sound off in the comments!

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Borrowed Time Review

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