9 Great Summer Bromances

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Summer is more than sun, sand and romance. It's also a time when life long friendships are made. Check out our 9 Great Bromances of Summer.

1. Harvey and Mike (Suits - USA)

Harvey and Mike (Suits - USA)
They're competitive enough to be at each other's throats but when push comes to shove they'll always have one another's backs.

2. Scott and Stiles (Teen Wolf - MTV)

Scott and Stiles (Teen Wolf - MTV)
I'll go with the completely obvious: Scott and Stiles from Teen Wolf. Closer to brothers than bros at this point. Scott and Stiles have each other's back no matter what teen life or the supernatural throw at them. - Nick McHatton

3. Provenza and Flynn (Major Crimes - TNT)

Provenza and Flynn (Major Crimes - TNT)
They'd never admit it, but we can't imagine one without the other. If TNT wanted to do a spinoff with just these two, we'd be all in.

4. Neal and Peter (White Collar - USA)

Neal and Peter (White Collar - USA)
The conman and the FBI agent. On the surface they shouldn't be colleagues, let alone friends but the surprise of the series is how they've become as close as brothers. With the last season looming it's going to be hard to let them go.

5. Dov and Chris (Rookie Blue - ABC)

Dov and Chris (Rookie Blue - ABC)
They came in as rookies and have been side by side through it all but Chris' drug abuse may put one of the great bromances on TV in jeopardy.

6. Christopher and John Ross (Dallas - TNT)

Christopher and John Ross (Dallas - TNT)
It's rare to find these cousins working together but the moments when they do remind us that they grew up like brothers. Money and power may tear them apart but family almost always brings them back together.

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