Reign: Watch Season 2 Episode 10 Online

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On Reign Season 2 Episode 10, a scarred Mary is determined to find her attackers. While Francis also sets out to do the same, only one of them can bring the men to justice.

What happened to Mary causes problems with Francis and his reign. Does he want to be the kind of King he set out to me or one he was pushed into being by Narcisse?

Catherine continues to see her daughters as they follow both her and her surviving daughter, Claude, around the castle. How far will they push Catherine? Will anyone take notice?

Conde returns to the castle, surprised at how close to the royal chambers the attackers got. What will he think when Mary tells him even more? 

Find out all about it when you watch Reign online!

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Reign Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Francis: What is Mary doing here?
Catherine: She's looking for her rapist, and if you don't find him that's what she'll be doing for the rest of her life; in every room, in every crowd.

Francis, you seem shaken. But they failed and you're alright. Mary is alright.