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Mary sits in bed, rubbing her wrists and eyeing the open door.

Bash and Francis are trying to find who might know the man, Severin, the name of the man supposedly behind the attack.

Narcisse has fled and Francis wants to find him. Conde arrives swearing his loyalty to Francis. He's also a Protestant, and Francis wants his help finding who is behind this attack.

Mary is in the courtyard looking for her rapist. Catherine is worried for her. Mary wants all of the men found. Mary is visibly distressed and not easily swayed by Francis' promise to hunt her attackers to the end of the earth.

Greer is going to an early mass. Castleroy goes to services now, not a mass. They argue over the faith. Greer wants her husband to change course so he doesn't drag her down his dangerous path.

Mary blames herself for not knowing the guards were not hers. Francis finally tells Mary he was being blackmailed and for what. It was regicide. Mary cannot believe he made all of the decisions he did based on Narcisse's actions. The lies and mistakes kept piling up and last night he found the way out. He found Montgomery, but killed him. He tells Mary he lied to her time and time again to protect her. He knows the offense cannot be erased, but he will make every one of them pay with their lives.

More prisoners are coming in and the dungeons and Bash is worried they will freeze. Francis doesn't care. He tried being one kind of King but was forced to be another. Not he cannot go back.

Mary is moving her room in with her ladies. She cannot sleep in her old rooms anymore. She admits she lied and was raped. She cannot bear any talk about an heir, not from anyone, not until she knows about possible pregnancy.

They don't care about the monarch, they only care about Mary as her friend. She thinks if Francis slays the men, it will be over.

Lola talks to Francis about what happened to Mary. She can't help but think if she'd helped him with Narcisse earlier, things might have been different. She might have an idea where Narcisse fled. Lola wants Francis to determine whether Narcisse is more valuable to him dead or alive.

Leith visits Greer, looking for her husband. His orders are to round up every known Protestant for questioning; even torture. Greer admits she cannot turn to Mary, not now. She's upset because Leith warned her but she didn't listen. But she now feels more for Castleroy than gratitude. Leith suggests she run.

Francis doesn't care about the men fighting each other. Catherine tries to reason with Francis, but he's falling back on the idea Terror worked for her and Henry. Francis wants all 12 men in the south keep to be hanged in the courtyard in front of the others so all can see what rising against the Crown does for them. Catherine looks down upon her hands and sees them covered in blood, the twin ghosts of her girls looking on.

Claude is playing an instrument, flanked by the ghosts. Catherine sends her out and when Claude refuses, she's slapped. The girls are angry Claude hates them and once killed them. They want her to choose them this time. When she tells them they're dead, they grab her wrist. They want Catherine to do to Claude what Claude did to them, or they'll do it themselves and she will suffer.

Conde and the preacher find a Protestant who hanged himself as other guards take away Castleroy. Conde asks a man if the letter he asked to be delivered to Mary last night made it. He doesn't think so. The servant who was to deliver the letter was killed outside Mary's chambers. Conde doesn't care, he doesn't need it back. He's surprised the assassins really made it that close to the royal chambers.

Mary walks up and Conde expresses his concern, telling her she was lucky. He has information for Francis but can't find him. They've had a setback with the attackers. The man who funded the attackers took his own life. He promises not to give up. Mary wants to see the man's wife and demands to be taken there. He won't do it. She says it's worth the risk.

Claude is with some ladies when Catherine comes up. Catherine assures Claude it's not safe for her in the castle. She gives her enough gold to take her anywhere she wants to go. Claude refuses it, saying there is obviously something wrong with Catherine. She dumps out the money, calling Catherine a relic who has outlived her usefulness. When Claude threatens Catherine, Kenna steps in. She's trying to warn Claude, but the girl is abhorrent.

Francis finds Narcisse, who has changed his will leaving everything to the Protestants to protect his own head. Francis promises him there is a fate worse than death.

Mary meet with the man's wife. Conde is not taking anyone to the house. She says she saw their faces. Conde seems unsure. She whips out a knife to which he says, "Good Lord," and agrees to take her so they can drag the men back to court together.

Catherine and Claude chat. Mother is trying to apologize. She's always loved Claude and doesn't want her to suffer more than she already has. As she starts to feed her girl some broth, I think it's poisoned. Once it reaches her lips, the ghosts smile. Catherine asks Claude to forgive her.

Leith goes to Francis. He asks him to set Castleroy free. He was only brought in for questioning, but Leith reminds him people are dying while they await what he is calling questioning. Leith asks for repayment of stripping his lands by letting Castleroy go. When he's freed, Leith tells them to leave and never come back.

Conde and Mary reach the house. Men arrive in the house. Someone kept his word, the money is here. Mary slashes out with her dagger from under the table. It is the rapists. Mary tells him he will hang for what he has done, but when he mouths off again, Mary tosses a lantern onto him and he starts to burn. She commands Conde kill them and lets them burn for their sins.

As they watch the blaze, Conde looks deeply at Mary. He later asks if Francis knows what happened. He tells Mary she can trust him. She thought by killing the men she could find her way back to her life with Francis. But she can't. The events leave them so far from where she has been. Conde assures her France is still her home, her country and she its Queen. Her people need her.

Conde talks with Bash. She appears drunk. She remembers the suitors she once had. She collapses and Bash carries her away just as Kenna comes out into the corridor.

Castleroy is packing and talking about their future. Greer is not leaving with him. Mary needs her more than ever. Additionally, if they both leave, they'll look guilty. She doesn't want his permanent absence. She loves him. 

Francis has been looking for Mary. He gives her a status update and learns she killed the men who attacked her. She tells him to release the prisoners; it's over. She begins to cry.

Francis wonders what Mary would have done differently if she was in his place. She has no idea, but he never gave it a chance. They will never know. Mary wants to lead separate lives.

Francis goes to see Narcisse. He wanted to rip him from limb to limb. Narcisse promises anything Francis asks he will do. Narcisse is Francis' puppet now. And should he outlive his usefulness, he'll have him slaughtered in the dead of night.

As Catherine is sleeping, something is under the covers, crawling up beside her in bed. Henry's hand grasps her throat and she says he cannot be real. She doesn't understand what is happening to her. The twins found him. She mustn't feel guilty about Claude. What is happening feels so good. Henry needs her to say she wants him back and she does. 

Conde goes back to his chambers. His brother Antoine is there. Conde wonders if he had anything to do with the attack on the castle. Antoine says it was the work of fanatics, all passion, no organization. Conde's reports have grown briefer and fewer. Why? He was supposed to befriend Francis, but it seems he's grown closer to the Queen. Has he fallen for her? No, of course not. Friends or family? Antoine wants his choice to be clear.

A maid carries to Mary the letter from Conde. In it he says he didn't say goodbye because to do so might weaken his resolve, but he cannot marry Claude. He admits his heart belongs to another. He has fallen in love with a Queen.

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Reign Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Francis: What is Mary doing here?
Catherine: She's looking for her rapist, and if you don't find him that's what she'll be doing for the rest of her life; in every room, in every crowd.

Francis, you seem shaken. But they failed and you're alright. Mary is alright.