Arrow Photo Gallery: Is There a New Recruit?

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We just had an adjustment to Team Arrow with the Black Canary for Canary substitution. Are we ready for a new addition?

Well, it's possible we might be getting one – by way of Malcolm Merlyn. Say what?!

On Arrow Season 3 Episode 12 Brick is preparing to take down The Glades and without Oliver there to help, the team is forced to consider an officer from Merlyn to help end his plan. While Felicity is adamantly against it, they leave the decision in Diggle's hands. The pictures tell the story.

The preview teased Oliver's triumphant return, and we see his departure from the cabin above. Given how quickly people can traverse continents in the Arrowverse, should there be any doubt Arrow will return in time for the end of the epic battle?

How will he feel when he learns Malcolm has been allowed to fight with his team for the city he loves and protects? As the episode will "chronicle Malcolm's descent from kind-hearted father and husband to cold-blooded killer after the murder of his wife" according to the official CW synopsis, it seems his redemption story has begun in earnest. 

In another interesting turn of events, Sara's girl Sin will join in the fight making us wonder just how much she knows about her death and Laurel's taking up the mantle of Black Canary. Will she keep Laurel's secret as she chat's with with Capt. Lance?

If nothing else, it looks like the power of the people are firmly behind Team Arrow even in his absence. Once he returns, it seems they'll be forever implanted in hero territory, don't you think?

If you have missed any of the tremendous journey, you can watch Arrow online via TV Fanatic.

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Arsenal: Captain Lance!
Lance: Harper.
Arsenal: I'm not sure what you...
Lance: Look, I've seen you wearing a red hoodie, I've seen you shootin' arrows at people. You think I don't recognize you with a little extra leather and lace?
Roy: Well, I guess I won't be needing this anymore. [clicks off voice changer]

Felicity: OK. I'll send Arsenal over once the next brush fire is put out.
Lance: Arsenal? What, are you guys just pullin' names out of a hat now?