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Oliver takes his leave of Tatsu after offering to take her with him. 

Arsenal and Canary are out fighting crime and Sin sees Canary, calling out to Sara. She's ignored as the two heroes race away on their cycle. 

The city is in utter chaos. Lance calls Felicity to send out the Hood Squad. She prefers Team Arrow, but that's just her.

Thea and her dad are sword fighting. He begins to share with her the first time he killed. It was the man who murdered his wife. 

Flashback to Malcolm and little Tommy having a nightmare. The police come to the house, take their hats off. Camera pans away.

Arsenal approaches Lance, and Lance immediately calls him Harper.

Laurel doesn't know how Team Arrow has done this so long.

Felicity discovers Danny Brickwell killed Malcom's wife.

Tatsu followed Oliver.

Malcolm is upset to learn he didn't kill the person who killed Rebecca. He thought justice had been done. For some reason he thought the undertaking was justice.

Diggle wants to use Merlyn to solve their Brick problem. Felicity doesn't advocate that. Brick is using the Glade precinct as his headquarters.

Brick keeps killing off his men. 

Felicity cuts the power to the Glades precinct and Arsenal and Canary go in. They seem terribly outmanned. As Brick raises a gun to the two erstwhile heroes, Malcolm comes up behind them. They need to talk.

Thea tries to stand up for Malcolm. She says despite all of the terrifying things he's done, he always thought he was helping the Glades. If she only knew.

Roy thinks that Malcolm saved Thea without an agenda the night of a siege. That may be true, but what he did afterward is still unconscionable. 

Flash-somewhere, showing Malcolm taunting a petty thug in an alley. Malcolm didn't even know who he was, from what it looked like. He then shot him in the back. Nice.

Oliver and Tatsu part ways, again.

Malcolm assures Thea he is nothing but a killer. 

Flashback to him whining about his how killing his wife's killer didn't cleanse the anger. 

Laurel suggests to Team Arrow ask the town for support. Her first stop is to see Ted Grant. He's not happy she's been out fighting. Roy goes to see Sin. He'll talk to her about Sara after. 

The team gets ready to fight. They're all scared. Brick laughs at Canary and Arsenal that Halloween was a couple months ago. War is waged, but he stands idly by like an idiot.

Ted gets pummeled by Brick and appears to lie dying by the side of the road. Laurel cradles his head as Sin looks on, realizing she's not Sara. Laurel thinks he's going to be fine. An arrow comes whizzing by and Laurel and Roy realize Oliver's back.

Malcolm is ready to shoot Brick in the same alley where he made his first kill. Turns out Rebecca was Brick's first kill, too. Oliver steps up. He tells Malcolm to stop. Malcolm says if he had taken care of him back then, it would have all been different. Except that makes no sense. He didn't know he hadn't killed the guy.

Arrow gives a big speech upon his return.

Sin tells Lance Canary isn't his daughter. She's wrong, of course.

Oliver goes home and says hello to Thea. He tells her he spent the past few weeks in jail. Malcolm shakes his hand and welcomes him home. He wants Malcolm to teach him to kill Ra's.

Oliver finally makes his way to the Arrow Cave. He and Felicity argue. Felicity is appalled that, just hours after she swore Oliver would never agree to work with Malcolm, that's exactly what he intends to do. She does not want to be a woman he loves.




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Arrow Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Arsenal: Captain Lance!
Lance: Harper.
Arsenal: I'm not sure what you...
Lance: Look, I've seen you wearing a red hoodie, I've seen you shootin' arrows at people. You think I don't recognize you with a little extra leather and lace?
Roy: Well, I guess I won't be needing this anymore. [clicks off voice changer]

Felicity: OK. I'll send Arsenal over once the next brush fire is put out.
Lance: Arsenal? What, are you guys just pullin' names out of a hat now?