Elementary Season 3 Episode 9 Review: The Eternity Injection

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Time  was on everyone's mind on Elementary Season 3 Episode 9. Some wanted to extend it, indefinitely, while it was passing too slowly for others. 

I'm really glad they didn't drop this thread after Brain Attic shared some of Sherlock's private observations from his sobriety meetings on his blog. Those meetings are a sacred and private place for a recovering addict, and that sacrament had been violated for Sherlock.

Someone as notoriously private as Sherlock would not bounce back overnight from what he would perceive as a gross invasion of his privacy. I'm just glad Joan and Alfredo were there to help him.

And wasn't it great to see Alfredo again? I must admit when I was writing my notes that I couldn't remember his name and had written Linguini. Hey, I was pretty darn close! Or either had pasta on my mind.

He remains a good sponsor replacement for Joan as he knows how to work Sherlock - be quietly persistent but also intrigue and engage his mind. Odin, the talking car alarm, was a great gambit and Sherlock would certainly want to beat the unbeatable car alarm.

In the end, though, it was Joan who helped him open up and share what was going on.

Now I think if I were to use drugs again, it would, in fact, be an anticlimax. It would be a surrender to the drip, drip, drip of existence.


It was a very well done scene between two partners and friends. The mere fact that Sherlock was willing to open up to her and expressed his fears showed again how far he has come. He is still supremely confident and cocky and is also willing to show his more human side and vulnerabilities to a select few. 

But in any case, I shan't be using drugs this evening.


Ultimately, Sherlock agreed with both Joan and Alfredo, and although he still found the sobriety meetings a bit tedious, he would go if Alfredo wanted him to attend. I'm glad a relapse doesn't seem imminent while remaining very true to real life in that sobriety is ongoing and often boring work. This makes it doubly dangerous for a man like Sherlock.

I was surprised that Joan didn't figure out it was an illegal clinical drug trial before Sherlock. I thought it was pretty obvious and I'm not a doctor who has studied drug trials. And who would think to create a time-diluting drug? I wonder if someone is actually trying to create such a thing. And who would to take it?

The case initially started out with a sense of urgency that drew me in, but Sherlock never seemed particularly stymied by any of the obstacles. He may be the world's best detective, but it always more interesting when he can't figure out something immediately. It was the humor and interaction between Joan and Sherlock that kept me engaged.

Kitty has been in the background for the past few episodes. Although I now like her, I am still trying to figure out her role in the show. What is her purpose? I'm assuming there is still some bigger story around her than just doing the grunt work Sherlock doesn't want to do.

Other Great Moments: 

  • The hackers forcing Sherlock to write a treatise on why Bella should have ended up with Jacob over Edward from Twilight as payment for their assistance. And Sherlock not understanding why the three of them couldn't just work out some sort of an arrangement. 
  • Joan and Sherlock giving advice to Kitty as she tries to pick a lock.
  • Sherlock waking Joan up with a bugle that he just learned to play for that very purpose.
  • The lone surviving drug trial participant admitting that the set-up was shady but for $150,00, he could do shady. 

A solid episode with some really great scenes. Again, the scene between Joan and Sherlock was powerful and I just love their interaction.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Would you take a time-diluting drug? And don't forget, you can watch Elementary online via TV Fanatic at your convenience.

The Eternity Injection Review

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Elementary Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You know better than to ask me a non-specific question.


Now I think if I were to use drugs again, it would, in fact, be an anticlimax. It would be a surrender to the drip, drip, drip of existence.