Gina Gershon to Play Pam Anderson on Glee

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Just when you thought the cast of Glee couldn't get any more attractive, Pam Anderson makes her entrance.

No, not the former Baywatch babe, but Showgirl Gina Gershon! She has been seen around the Internet with Darren Criss, who plays her equally gorgeous TV son, Blaine. 

Blaine & Pam

Not only will Gershon play Blaine's mom, we also know she'll be attending a wedding, the one from Glee Season 6 Episode 8 titled, appropriately, "A Wedding," and that she makes a living selling Mary Kay Cosmetics. Awww.

The news is there will be two weddings during Glee Season 6, but whose wedding will be the focus of the installment?

Well, it's also leaked Gloria Estefan will return as Santana's mother, Maribel, and she'll meet up with Pam at the wedding, so it's entirely possible the wedding will feature either Blaine and Kurt or Brittany and Santana... or, dare to dream... both!

Coming so soon after the casting of Brittany's parents, Brittany and Santana sure seem like a valid option for at least one set of impending nuptials.

Are you getting even more excited for the premiere of Glee this Friday? Let us know in the comments and make sure you're here for full reviews of Glee Season 6 Episode 1 and Glee Season 6 Episode 2 after they air. 

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