Glee Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Love In An Elevator

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It's pretty clear after Glee Season 6 Episode 5 that those of us still watching are doing so just because we aren't quitters. So, score one for us? Sure. Let's go with that.

I've basically given up on this show even kind of being grounded in reality after this ridiculous Sue-Loves-Klaine story. And yet I still find myself rooting for a ragtag bunch of underdogs. 

In the 'Sue Sylvester, Matchmaker' thread of tonight's episode, Blaine and Kurt found themselves trapped in a fake elevator together for what seemed to have been a solid 24 hours. How could they get out? Make out, of course.

To give credit where it's due, the Sue Puppet was simultaneously creepy and hilarious, and Darren Criss gets major props for seeming legitimately scared of it. Of course Sue has a tricycle-riding puppet form of herself which might be self-aware. Why wouldn't she? Where the entire story goes off the rails is that Sue cares about Klaine at all.

Two weeks in and I'm still not buying it. Neither are the writers since they broke the fourth wall to have her comment on the number of weeks remaining in the series in which there is any chance of getting the two guys together for good. (Six weeks, she says. Seven if the network decides to preempt any airings.)

I legitimately want Kurt and Blaine to end up together when the final credits roll on Glee. Call me a hopeless romantic. Call me naive. Call me whatever you want to call me. I want them together. But there were at least a million more organic ways this could've been done than to have Sue constantly interfering.

They could've been trapped in a real elevator together. Even an elevator no one at the school knew about. Maybe a prop elevator off the auditorium or something. But not a fake elevator slammed into the end of a hallway (with a bathroom!) that magically appeared in the school over night. (There I go thinking too much again...SIGH.)

There's already enough tension and chemistry between these two without Sue interfering. Their kiss – and their faces after the kiss – said it all. These two still have feelings for one another and, deep down, they both realize they're meant to be together. Honestly, it feels like Sue's interfering just so she'll have something to do since having her plot and plan to destroy the glee club repeatedly is just really tired at this point.

Why not have her trying to sabotage Vocal Adrenaline and the Warblers and fighting with Rachel because Rachel thinks the New Directions can win on their own and Sue doesn't? Or how about having her launch a political career? Or, hey, you know, what about if she just coaches the Cheerios?

Speaking of Cheerios, Kitty's back! Hooray! Someone who can act and sing and carry on the spirit of the show!

She's pretty much the only New Directions member who's had more than five lines so far. Half of Jane's don't even count since she was trying to be a Warbler at the time. 

The New Directions still need six members so, in my perfect universe, what happens next is that the first new class returns. Jake, Marley, Rider, Unique, Joe, and some other random kid who has a line or two. Let's bring all of them back, or all of them who wouldn't have graduated. 

If, in two or three episodes, the New Directions do a big group number with six faceless dancing bodies in the background, I'm rolling my eyes really, really hard because it'll be even more obvious than it was when the show first started that the dance numbers are filled out with random people we've never seen before. (Why do I care so much about this? WHO KNOWS!?)

The new New Directions lack pizzazz right now. There's nothing uniting them and their musical numbers are just ho-hum. There's nothing spectacular and dazzling about it. They haven't had a "Don't Stop Believin'" moment.

But I still want them to win. Everything. Win it all. Go team!

And, somewhere in the middle of all that winning, Rachel will realize that there are bigger dreams in the world than her own. There are more stars shining in the sky than hers. She'll grow up a little and find the maturity she needs to be successful in her endeavors. 

She'll end up on the stage again and Klaine will be together.  

What did you think of tonight's Glee? Do you see Kurt and Blaine back together before this ends? How do you feel about Kitty's return?

If you missed it, remember you can watch Glee online right here at TV Fanatic.

NOTE: Glee Season 6 Episode 6 will be titled "What the World Needs Now" and air on February 6.

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[to Kurt and Walter] Shall we start with something to drink? Perhaps a Shirley Temple in a sippy cup for Sonny. And how about a chalky Ensure, enriched with calcium to fortify those brittle bones?


Rachel: I was so intent on being a Broadway star that I never even learned her name. Any of their names. There was Puck's brother, cross-dressing Mercedes, and the one with the fat mom, and and Rayder.
Kurt: Rider.
Rachel: See?

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