Hart of Dixie Photo Gallery: Can Zoe Win Wade Over?

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Big changes are afoot for the citizens of Bluebell! 

How can anyone forget the baby bombshell from the the premiere, Hart of the Dixie Season 4 Episode 1? Certainly not Zoe Hart, who must now deal with the consequences of her hook up with Wade. 

It looks like Zoe is attempting to make things right with Wade, but will she tell him the big news? It also appears as though Wade will be turning to Lemon for advice about his relationship with Zoe. Will Annabeth spill the beans to Cricket about Lemon's fake relationship with Henry?

Below is an official synopsis of Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 2 released by The CW:

Too Many Secrets - Confused by Zoe's (Rachel Bilson) attempts to make amends, Wade seeks love advice from Lemon, while Zoe does her best to focus on work instead of her Wade problems. Lemon and Brick are attempting to keep the truth about their respective love lives a secret from Grandma Bettie.

Meanwhile, Lavon and George begrudgingly work together to get the real scoop on Lemon's new boyfriend Henry (guest star Ian Anthony Dale). Kaitlyn Black also stars.

Tune into the next installment airing on Friday, January 16. Don't worry if you missed the season premiere, you can always watch Hart of Dixie online via TV Fanatic! 

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Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

You can't just have a baby in a workplace, Annabeth, because they are needy, and they are noisy, and they are so much work. Okay, you can't just drop a bomb on someone like this because a baby changes everything. Everything!


Zoe: I didn't even order a curling iron. I wasn't expecting one at all, but then one just shows up in the mail out of the blue. Bam!
Rose: And you don't like curling irons?
Zoe: I love curling irons. I always figured that one day when my life was settled I would have curly hair. Just not now.
Rose: Well can't you just return the curling iron?
Zoe: Yes I could return the curling iron. It would be a totally valid choice, and I support all people who decide to return their curling irons, but I just kind of want to keep this one because it's the right manufacturer, and I love the manufacturer. A curling iron like this might be hard to come by later. I don't want to regret... Besides I have room for it in my bathroom.
Rose: I see. So you're going to keep the curling iron?
Zoe: Yes. I feel a little overwhelmed, you know, about the idea of having curly hair for the next 18 years and the rest of my life, that's all.