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Lavon thinks something is wrong with Zoe. She says everything is fine. Lavon makes her come have breakfast with him. Henry is charming everyone in Bluebell. Annabeth and Lemon talk about keeping Lemon's secret. Zoe tells Lavon she has more problems to deal with than Wade. He comes in and tells Lavon how he told Zoe he loved her and she slammed the door in his face. He confronts her about what's going on. She says he took too long. Wade tells her he's confused. Shelby and Brick discuss keeping their romance a secret. Annabeth walks in on them kissing. They make Annabeth keep their secret. At the Rammer Jammer, George and Lavon are still acting immature around each other. They hear a rumor about Henry sending roses to his mother all the time. They think Henry is lying about who is receiving those flowers. Zoe freaks out when she sees Annabeth holding Shelby's baby.

Annabeth figures out that Zoe is pregnant. She says she should tell Wade. Rose shows up and requires Zoe for a seminar she is supposed to be running. Lemon and Henry act sweet around Grandma Bettie. Crickett puts doubt in Grandma Bettie's head about Henry and Lemon. George and Lavon ask the florist about the flowers Henry sent. The florist is a girl George went out with once. She's bitter, but Lavon sweet talks her into giving them info. At the seminar, Zoe realizes she has to give a sex talk. Wade tells Lemon he told Zoe he loves her. Lemon tells him to apologize. He needs to make it work this time around. Zoe tries to keep her talk strictly medical. The girls ask a lot of racy questions.

George and Lavon go to the address the florist gave. This time George sweet talks the maid to get information. Instead of the woman, the husband is at home. Zoe apologizes to Rose. She uses a "curling iron" as a substitute to talk about her baby problems. Rose understands what Zoe is really talking about. Zoe says she will keep the "curling iron". Annabeth is acting suspiciously at a party and Grandma Bettie asks her what secrets she's keeping. She gives her alcohol to make her talk. Brick and Lemon are both worried Annabeth will spill the beans. George and Lavon find out Henry is the husband's best friend. They imply that Henry and the wife might be having an affair. Rose asks when Zoe's going to tell Wade. Zoe wants to figure out what she wants first. Wade comes over and asks her to talk. 

Wade apologizes for pushing her away. He opens up to her about his feelings. He asks her out to dinner and she says yes. Brick and Lemon talk to each other about their secrets. Grandma Bettie drills Annabeth for information. Brick reveals his secret so Lemon doesn't have to. George and Lavon take a verbal beating from the husband. On their way out, they see the maid carrying roses inside. At dinner, Zoe is about to tell Wade the truth until Wade tells her how he has crafted a plan about their future. He wants to take things slowly. Zoe freaks out again and leaves Wade sitting there. Wade goes looking for Lemon, but runs into Annabeth instead. Wade opens up to Annabeth about what he said to Zoe. She tells him he is dumb for saying that. Annabeth grabs Lemon in a hurry. Grandma Bettie wants to meet Shelby. George and Lavon find out that Henry is in love with the Langford maid and is waiting to get his trust fund. They think Lemon doesn't know and they need to figure out a way to tell her. They leak the information to the Bluebell blogger. Wade sees them and wants to get drunk. 

Lemon and Annabeth go to see Zoe and find her sitting in her bathtub eating cookies. They came to give her support and advice. Zoe thinks she and Wade will never be on the same page. Zoe thinks she will be a terrible mother. Lemon tells her she will be a good mother. Lemon talks with Brick about Grandma Bettie summoning Shelby. Brick shows her how great everyone is getting along. Wade rants to George and Lavon about Zoe. Grandma Bettie plans to leave and hands Lemon the check she needs. A cop shows up at the door and talks about how the blog says Henry is a fraud. Lemon reveals she and Henry were never really a couple. Grandma Bettie takes back the money. George and Lavon play video games and put a temporary pause on their fight over Lemon. Outside, Wade runs into Zoe. She apologizes for leaving him at dinner. She tells him about the baby. She tells him she will do it on her own and doesn't expect anything from him. He goes back inside looking shocked. George and Lavon ask what's wrong. He tells them and they freak out. 

Hart of Dixie
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Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

You can't just have a baby in a workplace, Annabeth, because they are needy, and they are noisy, and they are so much work. Okay, you can't just drop a bomb on someone like this because a baby changes everything. Everything!


Zoe: I didn't even order a curling iron. I wasn't expecting one at all, but then one just shows up in the mail out of the blue. Bam!
Rose: And you don't like curling irons?
Zoe: I love curling irons. I always figured that one day when my life was settled I would have curly hair. Just not now.
Rose: Well can't you just return the curling iron?
Zoe: Yes I could return the curling iron. It would be a totally valid choice, and I support all people who decide to return their curling irons, but I just kind of want to keep this one because it's the right manufacturer, and I love the manufacturer. A curling iron like this might be hard to come by later. I don't want to regret... Besides I have room for it in my bathroom.
Rose: I see. So you're going to keep the curling iron?
Zoe: Yes. I feel a little overwhelmed, you know, about the idea of having curly hair for the next 18 years and the rest of my life, that's all.