Suits EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Rafferty on Louis Drama, Fractured Friendships & Flashbacks!

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Louis is mad as hell - and he's not going to take it anymore!

As we saw in the midseason finale of Suits Season 4, Louis Litt finally had all the ammunition he needed to force Jessica to add him to the firm's name. But don't expect this to bring Louis back down from his rage spiral. He still has many axes to grind with Jessica, Harvey, Mike and his now-former BFF Donna.

Rick Hoffman has delivered a powerhouse performance as the man we love to see 'Litt It Up' and Sarah Rafferty has been equally powerful as she plays the hurt of losing her friend and also seeing the firm and everyone in it also suffer.

Is there any mending fo fences with Louis? How will Louis's tyrade affect everyone, including the Donna-Harvey relationship? And how was it for Rafferty to play such heated scenes with Hoffman?

I jumped on the phone with Rafferty last week to find out all this and more about what we'll see in Suits Season 4 Episode 11 and beyond....

Donna's Drinking - Suits Season 4 Episode 11

TV Fanatic: We've seen Louis get mad and upset with everybody before but this feels really different. Is that how you feel and how everybody in the firm feels?

Sarah Raffery: Yeah. I do think that this is really different and I think that you got a great sense of that in the last two scenes of the finale. For Donna, in particular, this is really different because I don't think that either Louis or Donna have ever experienced a moment in their life like that scene when he basically forced her to reveal that she had been hiding this from him for so long and then that they are not friends.

But that was just really dramatic and really putting a strangely brutal. It was just so heated. I think it was particularly jarring in a way that if they're going to move forward in any kind of way, it's going to be a complicated process in that relationship.

TVF: Watching it was like a punch in the gut so I can’t imagine filming it!

SR: Yeah. It was. I don't know how to articulate is but I can see it from every side. That was the greatest betrayal for Louis coming from Donna who, essentially is his best friend, I would say. Probably one of the only people in his life who really understands him and he has been through so much that season and through his breakup and through doing the play together, even. That kind of bonding experience with that and how much they shared with each other, so to find out that she's been keeping this from him forever but then what is she going to do, she's got loyalty to Harvey and she can be implicated. It was a hard scene to play that day so I was glad to put it behind us.

TVF: I think you touched on something there because I feel like the way the story is laid out, you do see every side, and you don't really think Louis is wrong in how he feels.

SR: I think that's absolutely right. Our writers do a great job of that but that also says a lot about Rick Hoffman's performance because he just has that ability to have so many layers going on at the same time that you can kind of feel for him and think he's being the biggest jerk, I’ll say. Like I say to my children all the time, I'm not upset with you, I'm upset with your behavior. Behavior, at times, is just outrageous, but you can understand that he's been pushed to his limits, because we understand who Louis is so well. We understand why he's power-hungry and why he's needy, and why it comes out of a pain and of jealousy and all those things that all of us can relate to.

TVF: Tell me how it was to shoot those scenes with Rick, because I know you are close in real life and he's a pretty jovial guy but it must have been a little scary acting across from that.

SR: It was. I can say that when read the scenes…basically this whole season, the back ten and the next six [episodes], everything that we read that we had together at the table, we were pretty excited, like kind of giddy, like "This is going to be fun!" I would say for that scene and talking about that, it was really hard. I think we were shooting for 6 hours or whatever with snotty tears rolling down our face. So that was exhausting and draining in a way that like we definitely didn't go out for a cocktail afterwards and kind of let it go.

We've been doing this show for 4 years so the cameras cut and then we sort of go back to our chatting and goofing around and take pictures of each other and whatever. It's going to be whatever silliness is happening and when the cameras go back on, we sort of go back into it. So it's funny, kind of schizophrenic, in and out of our characters because our characters are very close one way and then we're all really close as people in another way.

TVF: Does Donna try her best to win Louis back or does she know that there's probably no winning him back at this point?

SR: I admired Donna's reaction to Louis because I think the easy way to go would have been just to be only exasperated with him. But she's really evolved as a person and really invested in everybody's relationships so as hurt as she is, she's still seeking a way to heal and I really admired her strength in that and also she wasn't giving any bit of herself away in doing that. She was not kowtowing to him. She moves forward intelligently and in a strong way and in a way that she's invested in healing and having everybody heal.

TVF: How do we see this affect the Donna-Harvey relationship. Are they pretty much united or does this get in between them, too?

SR: I think we come back just moments after it happened and I will tell you that I think it's one of the most painful things for Donna to look to Harvey, who she has this incredible relationship with, and admit that she's let him down inadvertently, when all her life is about not letting him down.

So the moment where she has to face him after she's done this, after she's let the cat out of the bag, after she fails him in her mind, is very hard, but they have a very strong relationship so I think they're the case of ‘what doesn't kill you makes you stronger’. I think it strengthens them. Their relationship is strengthened in the adversity of this.

TVF: Is it safe to say that things are pretty serious for a while?

SR: My recollection is that it's pretty heavy but the writers always know when to pepper in at least a few moments of lightness. They have to. That's our show, you know? But I do remember it's pretty deep. There's some heavy s*** happening. Not to give anything away but there is a lot of focus on the personal dynamics moving forward. It is not all about Louis and the firm. There’s a lot of juicy stories coming up.

TVF: Since Donna doesn't really have Louis at the moment as a buddy, is she kind of reaching out to anybody else, Maybe Rachel?

SR: There's this juicy plot twist that's going to come up...but we also have flashbacks again. So whenever we do that, which is one of my favorite things to do, you get a deeper sense of Harvey and Donna, and obviously when we go back in time, there's always a lot of extra fun because they're going back to a lighter time in their life, in their relationship. There's all that going on, so that's always really, really fun for Gabriel and I to play.

I would say that moving ahead in these six episodes, we dig deeper into Harvey and Donna's relationship, and that was really fun to play. And as you can guess, we're digging through the past to dig deeper into Louis and Donna and if they're going to move forward at all. There's a lot of ground to retrieve.

Suits airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on the USA Network. 

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