The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 10 Review: Puerto Read-Co!

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Puerto Rico won't know what hit it after The Real Housewives of Atlanta hit its shores. The weave that will be left in their wake, especially if Porsha's involved, will be unlike anything the island has ever seen. 

Get ready for the drama because The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 10 is about to bring it!

Ready for Puerto Rico - The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Claudia and Kenya (Clauya? Kendia?) are going to a podiatrist because Claudia has jacked up feet from all her years of being an athlete. She doesn't wear open toe shoes, but she wants to before they go to Puerto Rico on Demetria's dime.

That's right. Demetria McKinney is buying her way into their lives by taking them all out of the country just to see her perform. Plus 18.

Claudia DOES have some jacked up toes, but the best thing about her is that she makes Kenya funny. Until she very awkwardly tries to hook Claudia up with the married doctor. Minus 4.

Kandi's headed out to the Downtown Grill to meet up with Demetria. She feels like she owes Demetria an apology for Gocha's dropping the bomb that she dated Roger Bobb. Kandi compliments Demetria on how she handled the news and then Demetria calls Kandi a mogul. 

Then she tells Kandi she wants to work together. But Kandi instantly has flashbacks to "Tardy For the Party" and laughs it off. Oh, Kim.

Kenya Moore is walking back into The Bailey Agency. Hopefully this time she won't be going on about anybody's Coochie Crack.

Kenya's looking for a full time assistant familiar with the film and TV industry. Doesn't she have Brandon? Minus 8

"Real talk. Michelle Obama needs less help than Kenya does." --Cynthia Bailey, Plus 22.

They're very unsure what's happening with NeNe and why she's running so hot and cold.  It's probably best not to try and figure that one out.

Demetria McKinney can sing! Get with that, Kandi! Plus 15. NeNe and Phaedra meet her at the studio to talk about the sex party. NeNe thought Demetria should've gotten all the information from Gocha about what happened with Roger Bobb. 

Demetria says they were on a break and Roger tried to tell her about it but she didn't remember. NeNe says "just remember the dog chases the cat." Demetria meows. Plus 10.

Phaedra starts grilling Demetria on what it is she does. Does she act? Does she sing? What genre is "me"? Has she ever done crack? Does her vagina itch? OMG! Phaedra! Minus 19.

Porsha, Kandi, and Demetria make it to Puerto Rico first and Porsha needs help getting her suitcase into the taxi because her shoes are too high and her skirt is too short. She also brought an $80,000 bag on this trip with her. I...what...I mean...ok.

Claudia, Cynthia, and Kenya have named themselves "Team Beauty" and declared everyone else--except Kandi--to be Team Beast. Because that's not going to create problems at all. Minus 10.

Demetria, Porsha, and Kandi hang out on the roof and Demetria tells them about her run-in with Phaedra. When the other women arrive, Demetria goes to meet them and immediately tells them about her thing with Phaedra. So. That's how this is going to go down. 

Kenya says she happens to know how Phaedra is and advises that if the behavior bothers her, Demetria needs to say something about it. That's solid advice. 

NeNe and Phaedra are the last two to arrive and believe they won't have equity in the rooms since they're late arrivals. Phaedra has an exchange with Demetria's stylist or Demetria or something, but that is definitely coming back up while they're on this trip.

Minus 10 for NeNe's complaints about the size of her room. Ugh. Get over it.

Kandi's the last one to the dinner table and as the one who doesn't drink and the one who is least drama-inclined, she's probably going to be the first to run to her room. 

This is one awkward dinner led by NeNe and Kenya on opposite ends of the table. When Demetria says she has a sound check tomorrow, Phaedra says "yes, honey." 

The snarl on Kandi's face says it all. This is going down. Minus 14.

Demetria throws down the worst shade of all when she insults Phaedra and Apollo. They keep going back and forth and Cynthia eventually chimes in saying Phaedra shouldn't have a problem apologizing for the way Demetria felt. NeNe jumps in that Cynthia wasn't there so she needs to stop talking. 

Phaedra apologizes, wishes Demetria well, and then tells Demetria not to invite her anywhere else. Phaedra's cage was rattled and it's kind of a miracle she's not crying.

Claudia wonders why they all have to be so immature and catty. Join the club, C. Kandi keeps saying nothing. Come on, Kandi!

Claudia and NeNe start going at it about NeNe's past as a stripper, Claudia filing bankruptcy, NeNe's hair, Claudia's sex life. NeNe turns into NayNay and Claudia just starts laughing. Can we fast forward to next week to see how this ends?


The good and bad of the episode canceled each other out, according to me, at least. Watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online and tell me what you think!

Puerto Read-Co! Review

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