Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 16 Review: The Big Leagues

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Things got a little scandalous on Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 16 as April broke her biggest story yet.

Did anyone else like the nod back to Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 1? Richie was as obnoxious as ever and clearly liked having fun a little too much. I don't know what the guy was thinking when he was taking drugs in the VIP section of the bar.

It makes me wonder if he wanted to be caught as the club was full of prying eyes. April got the biggest shock of her life when Leo appeared on screen, also taking drugs.

This set the stage for the mother of all arguments in which Leo gave April some harsh truths. What does this mean for our love birds who, just the day before, were sneaking around and having sex?

Leo is very reckless. He seems to think that everyone still sees him as the spoilt rich kid who screwed up his life, which is a shame. If anything, you'd expect a cancer survivor to have a new lease on life. It sure seems like Leo doesn't know what his life is now without the cancer.

This much is evident from his chats with Sara. Sara sometimes appears a little condescending to him, but this is due to her thinking as a therapist, then realizing the guy is in a relationship with her daughter.

It looks like Lapril is in for some very tough times before things get good again. April's rage is understandable. She did just witness her boyfriend taking drugs after all. 

I don't even know what to say.


One thing that really bugged me was that April saw Dominic and opened up to him. It's like the writers are still trying to make Dapril a thing. It looked like April still held a torch for him when she saw him. Could she be weighing up her options?

One of the most annoying things about dramas is that the writers toy with our emotions and put our leads through many hurdles before letting them stay together. In Chasing Life's case, that could be a bad thing. It's almost like Lapril are breaking up every other week and they just need to be together and work out their differences.

Elsewhere, Greer returned to Brenna's life in a big way. The chick pretty much turned into a new character. If it means more Grenna, then I'm all for it. It must be hard for Greer, given that her parents are so strict. I'm glad she realized that Brenna would be in her life more than them and seems to have made a choice.

I just feel like a freak, like I have this weird, dark secret.


Hopefully she continues to rebel and somehow disowns her family in order to be happy. That's all she wants and it's obvious she will be with Brenna. It was a shock to find out that Greer's parents had their daughter on drugs since she was seven years old. It sounds illegal and it would be good to see them get in trouble for it. It could have had a lot of damage on her.

Did anyone see that big Brenna reveal coming? Sitting on the edge of my seat, I kept expecting her to say "just kidding," but when I saw that official ABC Family hash tag for the scene, I knew it was real. The things that sets this show apart is that it can easily pull the rug from under you and make you question everything you think you know about these characters.

"The Big Leagues" was a decent episode. It had a lot of drama and of course the aforementioned shocks. It looks like things are set to get even more crazier next week.

Other tidbits from the episode:

  • Did anyone else find Julian hilarious? The way he hit on April and then got disgusted when he realized her mother went to her cancer check ups with her was so funny. It was sad that April had to miss out on his dance. Hopefully we see more of him down the line.
  • April's boss really isn't the nicest. He never takes a chance on her and he just thinks she is the cancer girl. It's not nice.
  • Where is Raquel? She brings some hilarious lines with her to the work place.
  • April with all the condoms in her bag was yet another fun scene. April's face as she walked into the lift with Danny and Dom, while trying to keep any from falling out her bag, was so freaking awkward.
  • Is Sara getting a new love interest? The guy next door to her office sure seems to have the hots for her.

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What did you think of the episode? Who should April be with? Will Leo ever grow up? Hit the comments below with your observations.

The Big Leagues Review

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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

I don't know what to say.


I just feel like a freak, like I have this weird, dark secret.