NCIS Photo Gallery: Ready for a Baby Shower?

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Just as a Navy Lieutenant is about to become the first openly gay member of the armed forces to receive the Medal of Honor... he turns up dead and Gibbs and the NCIS team are called in to investigate his murder.

Intriguing enough for you, NCIS Fanatics?

This foreboding tease doesn't mean there aren't things to look forward to on tomorrow night's new installment of TV's highest-rated series.

Jimmy Palmer's baby should be arriving any day and the team at NCIS is looking to celebrate the big event. What kind of gifts will they show up with at the Palmer's baby shower? 

Check out these photos from NCIS Season 12 Episode 13, "We Build, We Fight," which is scheduled to air Tuesday, February 3 on CBS at 8/7c. 

And don't miss out on next week's NCIS Season 12 Episode 14 when DiNozzo goes back to school.

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 13 Quotes

Hollis: It's your fault Diane's dead. That's what you're thinking.
Gibbs: I'm not wrong.
Hollis: You didn't pull the trigger.
Gibbs: I put her in the cross-hairs. He wanted to make it personal. Still does. I'm figuring it out. But you being around me makes you a target. So that's why you're shutting me out?
Gibbs: I don't need you mixed up in this. I don't need you mixed up in me!
Hollis: It's not your call. I'll take my chances. I can handle myself. Hmm?
Gibbs: Copy that.

Spoiler alert, Heisenberg. It doesn't end well for you.