Reign Season 2 Episode 14 Review: The End of Mourning

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And so the dance continues.

It's becoming exceedingly more difficult to witness the pain Francis is in as a result of being shunned by the woman he deeply loves. On Reign Season 2 Episode 14 he makes it clear to her again and again how intertwined their lives and his ability to love have become.

Mary cannot grow closer to Francis for reasons that remain unclear, as it appears she wouldn't have the same problem if she would allow herself to take the step to sully her marriage and put her reign in jeopardy to be with Conde. It's no longer about the rape. It has become something more.

Witnessing even a moment of happiness was dashed when the ladies' sled riding party was darkened by Mary's displeasure seeing Conde assist in pushing Lola down the hill. It's good to know, however, that they are at least still engaging in such activities.

Their fourth lady has also not been forgotten! Kenna and Lola went off into the city to find their fair friend and things weren't going too well. She hasn't lost her spunk, however, and as soon as she started chatting up the fellow in the pub I saw where it was heading. What I didn't expect was the whore from next door (what a ring that has to it) would know where she was interviewing. That's odd, right?

So Greer is stepping off into a new life as a madam. Hey, at least she gets to say what she thinks and swill down some stout. Apparently food comes with the job. After being so hungry, the first bite she took was of bread. Remember when Catherine was starving and started gnawing on that capon? That's a girl who likes to eat. Either way, seeing more of Greer and life outside the castle walls is much appreciated. Who imagined living like that would be more fun than living inside the castle?

Catherine's desire to enlist Narcisse in helping her track down those responsible for poisoning Henry's bible was an interesting decision, but certainly one that led to the most entertaining encounters. 

Narcisse: Where are you off to?
Catherine: Dinner, with Lord Conde. Your favorite.
Duke of Guise: And we should meet after, correct?
Catherine: The Lavender House. The north end of the grounds. The greenhouse is magical this time of year. [Duke kisses Catherine's hand]
Narcisse: I had sex in that greenhouse once. It was a lovely venue.

The Duke of Guise happened to proposition Catherine at the most inopportune time. It's a shame, because not only does Mary's family think he was awful, but he's dead and nobody will be any the wiser now that Conde got all emotional and showed their hand about Bash.

Antoine: We must not be stained by the crimes of the dead, not when life and peace are so fragile. I forgive you, for the sake of your soul and peace between our two nations and my brother will do the same.
Francis: Let it be so. May our feuds die with our fathers.

For the time being, the feud is behind them, but Antoine and Narcisse will continue plotting against the Royals while believed to be absolved of their sins. Conce may not have been involved with the bible incident, but he arrived at the castle to do harm and is now aware of Antoine's hatred of the royals and that he has no intention of backing down.

So, despite all of Conde's honey-coated words, dripping with warmth and tenderness toward Mary, she ultimately gave herself to a man who was out to tear her family and her reign apart. But, when he finally confronted Antoine about the poison and the focus shifted toward the glass, was it an indication he moved beyond his family? If so, it will be difficult for Francis to counter that cunning move in Mary's eyes. 

Mary's lost. Francis thinks of her first, before all others. When he thinks of what could have happened if they had discovered the poison, Mary imagines he must think he could have spared his father; but no. He wishes it was her suffering that would have been spared, but it moves her not. She wants to let her heart go where it will, and it's no longer with Francis.

Despite the fact this is a series about two young royals who were, just months ago, very much in love and reigning as one, always stronger together than apart, it seems no longer worth the effort to care for them.

As the ending song played and Francis was taken to Lola, and she expressed how she can feel her heart opening each time their son moves his hand, they were growing closer and it finally made sense. Can we begrudge him some warmth after being rebuffed yet again?

While Reign is desperately trying to be all things to all people, it's not succeeding. The political intrigue can be well written, but it often sets up those we find endearing to look foolish as a result. The love that comes and goes like the wind that reminds Conde of Mary when he's outdoors has become repetitive.

The same characters are blowing into and out of each others arms too often with too little respite in between. If they are this wishy washy in their personal lives how in the hell can they hope to successfully rule the countries under their reign?

Reign Season 2 Episode 15 will be titled "Forbidden." Mary's mom will be back. What bad news will come with her? 

Don't forget, if you want to see some of the royal couple's very brief happier times, you can watch Reign online right here on TV Fanatic.

The End of Mourning Review

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Reign Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

We have all been hurt by this assassin's poison and no one hurts my family and lives to tell the tale. Whoever they are, they will pay the price and their family will weep tears stained with blood.


Narcisse: The question would be who poisoned it.
Francis: Yes, Narcisse, that would be the question. Thank you for pointing out the obvious and will you please stop doting on my mother!