Scandal Round Table: Who Saved Olivia Pope?

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Squeals were heard 'round the world when Stephen Finch showed up on "No More Blood" to rescue Olivia Pope from Gus and the hackers. (Dibs on that as a band name, people!) 

What did the Scandal Round Table think of his heroic return? Join Christine Orlando, Jim Garner, and Miranda Wicker as we send up a resounding "YESSSSS!" to the Stephen sighting.

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene Scandal Season 4 Episode 13?

Christine:  Mellie going to visit Andrew in the hospital at the end. The fool thought he could keep her down. He thought he had the upper hand. Ha!  Don’t mess with Mellie. 

Jim: Christine has a picked one of the best, but I also really enjoyed Elizabeth North coming to Huck for revenge on Andrew. It wasn't just Mellie that Andrew screwed-over and the look on her face when she said "hurt him" actually won Huck over. And that is hard to do.  

Miranda: Two very excellent scenes, for sure. I loved Jake and Quinn's speeches to Huck, urging him to get back on the wagon. Jake and Huck are both trained assassins/spies/badasses/robots, but Jake manages to stay more calculated in his decisions. Huck has a bloodlust that makes him unstable. What Huck needs is humanity which Olivia has always provided. Now Quinn is acting as his anchor.

Scale of 1 to 10, rate your shock/delight when Olivia was saved.

Christine:  A 10 because I’m glad this story arc is over. I loved that Abby was the one who put the pieces together to save Olivia. Everyone else was left scrambling but Abby got it done and she didn’t have to torture or kill anyone to do it. 

Jim: Can I say 12? First off, I'm with Christine - thank goodness this story arc is done. Secondly, I didn't catch Henry Ian Cusick (Stephen) name in the opening credits. I saw Joe Morton so I knew Papa Pope was going to show up, but Stephen was a total surprise.

Miranda: I didn't catch his name either, Jim, but I'm prone to avoiding the opening credits so as not to be spoiled. I. LOVED. THAT. SCENE. STEPHEN! AAAAHHH!! Solid 20 from me.

How badly do you want Stephen Finch to return to OPA?

Christine:  To be honest, I didn’t watch all of Scandal Season 1 so I have little memory of Stephen. But he’s handsome and smart and he just saved Liv so I’m completely on board for seeing more of him.

Jim: With the loss of Harrison, OPA really could use him. Besides that, Henry Ian Cusick is a great actor, but I think he's on another show right now. 

Miranda: I'm with you, Jim. Now that Harrison is gone and David is the AG instead of joining the fold as a gladiator, there's a vacancy at OPA. Jake's not going to fill it, so Stephen needs to come back! Lots and lots of actors do two shows! Make it happen, Shonda! Please!

Is Rowan Pope legitimately the worst TV dad in history?

Christine:  He’s definitely up there on that list but somehow I knew that when he told Olivia he was walking away for good, he meant it. Rowan doesn’t seem like a man who changes his mind often, even when it comes to saving his daughter. 

Jim: Again, I agree with Christine, he is pretty far up the list. Though his monologue about fishing was so compelling I really wanted to break out the rod and reels afterwards. 

Miranda: How is it possible to have so much love and hate for this character? His speech about casting a rod and getting a different results versus staying among people who always do the same thing was incredibly appealing, but then he had to be a jerk and ruin it. Not that I wanted him to swoop in and save Olivia, but gah. He was so callous.

How long will this Olitz breakup last?

Christine:  Seriously, another break up? And I get that Fitz shouldn’t have sent his country to war for her but he actually went to war TO SAVE HER. How many people would do anything for that kind of love and devotion? I know she went through hell but so did he while he desperately tried to save her.  Leave it to Olivia to be pissed off and more in love with Fitz’s legacy than him.

Jim: Meh, I'd rather see her and Jake back together anyway. Fitz is going to be busy soon supporting Mellie's bid for the White House. 

Miranda: I'm giving it at least three episodes before they're having a hot tryst in a closet somewhere. Definitely by the season's end. Those two just keep crashing into one another.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

[to Andrew] You've always been the other guy and the whats-his-name. The also-ran. Good, fine, but never great. We both know the reason they call it a race, the reason there is a winner, is because someone wins. And it is never you.


Jake: Hey, I was calling you. Why didn't you answer?
Quinn: Did you have a different, stirring interpretation of the "Your Boss is Dead" monologue that you wanted to perform? Because I already caught the Broadway version that Huck did.