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Scandal Season 4 Episode 13 opens with Gus walking Olivia into an ambush. When Olivia overhears the woman who has come to broker the deal confirming her identity, she tells Gus that the woman is planning to kill him as soon as he hands her over. Gus tells her to shut up and Olivia asks him if he speaks Farsi. When he says he doesn't, Olivia uses that against him and saves herself. 

At the White House, Abby can't get inside the Oval because of a classified meeting. Cyrus refuses to give her any answers because doing so would require a higher security clearance than she currently holds. 

Quinn replays Huck's "your boss is dead" speech while drinking when Jake comes in. He tells her that Olivia is safe and she begins to cry. 

Mellie delivers an amnesty agreement to Andrew and tells him that the terms are both confidential and contingent on Olivia's safe return. He laughs and says that's not something he can guarantee or will guarantee. Mellie tells him he will never be a winner and he, again, threatens to destroy her political aspirations should anything happen to him.

In the Sit Room, Fitz discusses extraction plans with his security chiefs and tells them to move on rescuing Olivia. Then he listens to a second presentation suggesting he lets Olivia die since she knows too much. They have a 30% chance of rescuing Olivia which means a 70% chance that the United States could fall if their plan fails. Fitz decides they will stick with the plan to extract Olivia.

Cyrus listens as Ftiz rants about how they should be doing damage control ahead of the leak of risks. He delivers a crushing blow to Fitz and quits the White House but then it's revealed that quitting was all in his mind. Cyrus was daydreaming and heard nothing Fitz had to say.

Lizzie visits Mellie and Mellie tells her to do something about Andrew. Lizzie doesn't know what to do but Mellie tells her it's time to think of something.

At OPA, Huck's plan is to get back onto the dark net to be prepared to win the auction. Jake tells Huck that he knows what it's like to be trained by B613 but Huck has to get a handle on his dark side before it overwhelms him. Quinn asks him to promise that he won't kill anyone else. Lizzie shows up and asks to speak to Huck.

David visits Abby and the two of them work themselves into a frenzy wondering if the White House would cut Liv loose and "neutralize the asset" in order to save themselves. Abby doesn't believe the White House would ever do it, but David isn't so sure.

Lizzie wants Huck to make Andrew Nichols pay for what he's done in causing all of this and Huck walks away from her request having just promised not to hurt anyone anymore. He walks back into the conference room just in time to begin bidding on the auction again.

Cyrus meets with the the head of the CIA to tell them that he believes Olivia will need to die if the United States doesn't win the auction. Abby confronts him and he tells her the same. If this were anyone other than Olivia, Fitz would see that.

As the auction presses on, Olivia learns that Marie Wallace has entered the bidding. When the auction ends, Marie Wallace and a Russian terrorist group are tied. Gus turns to Olivia to ask what she would do. When Olivia tells him to choose Marie Wallace, Gus sends her to the Russians.

Abby enters OPA hoping to hear that they won the auction and learns instead that they lost. She reveals that the CIA is going to kill Olivia so that the Russians can't use her. Abby visits Fitz in the Oval and just as she's about to tell Fitz what Cyrus is planning, he enters the room and sends her to the press room. 

Huck packs a bag and leaves OPA to take care of Andrew. Lizzie watches as Huck injects him with something which leaves him incapacitated and says he doesn't kill people anymore. 

Abby asks David for contacts at Interpol while Jake visits Maya Pope to see if any of her Russian contacts can help. Maya sends him to Prescott Lake in Canada where he finds Rowan Pope fishing. Rowan waxes on about the finer arts of fishing and then tells Jake he doesn't have a daughter.

Olivia spies keys on the coffee table and pockets them hoping to escape. When she makes a run for it, Gus stops her. 

Abby visits the CIA hoping to speak to the director. Cyrus is monitoring the plan to neutralize the asset along with her when he notices a man on the screen whom he recognizes. Stephen Finch won the auction for Olivia.

Cyrus and Abby discuss Stephen's involvement over drinks. She admits that the fate of the nation is more important than one individual.

Olivia invites Stephen to return to Washington with her saying she needs him. He refuses saying he's happy where he is. After being debriefed, Quinn and Jake escort her home where Huck has installed extra locks in her apartment. She tells them she'd rather be alone for the night. Fitz arrives shortly after they leave and she tells him he shouldn't have gone to war for her.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

[to Andrew] You've always been the other guy and the whats-his-name. The also-ran. Good, fine, but never great. We both know the reason they call it a race, the reason there is a winner, is because someone wins. And it is never you.


Jake: Hey, I was calling you. Why didn't you answer?
Quinn: Did you have a different, stirring interpretation of the "Your Boss is Dead" monologue that you wanted to perform? Because I already caught the Broadway version that Huck did.