Stalker Round Table: A New Romance?

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That sure was one crazy hour.

Thinking about Stalker Season 1 Episode 14, we still can't believe how good the case was and that it took our minds off Perry and Ray. 

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Allison Nichols, Paul Dailly are joined by super fan Amy Perrin to discuss the many shocking developments. Ready to jump in to the debate?

Stalker Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the case?

Stacy: I don't know why, but I felt way more invested in this case than I have been recently. I enjoyed it and I really felt for Nicole losing her fiancé and her friend. That's rough. 

Allison: I agree with Stacy. Maybe it was because we met her fiancé, and saw how cute and in love they were, then we saw him die. Personally, I was yelling at him to stop, drop, and roll when he got to the sand. Her friend was really creepy though.

Amy: It was really good. The case was extra scary, and that scene with Dave on fire was really frightening. I know that I am not alone in this thinking, but why didn't Dave drop and roll in the sand? I loved the guest stars this week, and it was more challenging to figure out who the stalker was. I think this show gets better and better.

Paul: It was excellent. The developments were fantastic and the array of guest stars the show manages to get to fill the cases are excellent. I do agree that Dave should have rolled in the sand. I keep expecting to get the a case very similar to a previous one, but the variety through 14 episodes has been good.

What's next for Amanda and Jack?

Stacy: It looks like Trent is taking a step back which opens the door for them. I don't think either of them wants to rush into anything, but the seeds have been planted for them to get back together eventually.

Allison: I don't actually want them to get back together. Maybe it is because we haven't actually seen them have romantic moments. We have only see why they don't work. I'm hoping they just stay friends for now.

Amy: Amanda seemed almost flirty with Jack, so I wonder if those two are going to hook up. I think now that Jack is spending time with Ethan that they will definitely get a lot closer.

Paul: I think a romance is on the cards. Amanda appeared to be flirting with Jack. Who'd have ever guessed that would happen?

Was Trent out of line?

Stacy: Which part? During the case he let his emotions get to him and Amanda was right when she said he was rushing it, but at the end when he was talking to her I think he made perfect sense. She wasn't being completely honest with him or herself and I get him wanting to take a step back from a complicated situation to let her figure things out. Jack is Ethan's dad and if there's a chance the two of them could work it out, it's hard to get in the way of that.

Allison: I think he was completely right to take a step back from his relationship with Amanda. She is keeping things from him, and her life is definitely complicated. After a day solving mysteries at work, the last thing you want to do is have to figure out what is going on in your partner's life.

Amy: In regards to the case I think that he was a out of line, but not when it comes to his relationship with Amanda. Trent feels threatened by Jack, and that showed in his handling of the case. He knows that Amanda is starting to have feelings for Jack, so he made the right choice breaking things off with her.

Paul: Yes. He was the one that pushed Amanda to let Jack in. Now, he appears to be jealous and it won't wash with Amanda. This relationship won't last past the season finale.

How did you feel about the lack of Perry and Ray?

Stacy: Usually I am way more interested in that story line than the case of the week, but like I said before this week's story really sucked me in. I think Perry and Ray would have pulled me away from it so I didn't mind an episode off from them, but I hope they're back next week.

Allison: I was okay with them not being there. It builds up suspense, and like Stacy said, the case is really entertaining. It would have been too much to focus on Perry and Ray while spending so much time with Nicole.

Amy: I was surprised that we didn't see them at all. At the end when Beth told her colleagues to take the night off, I really thought that Perry and Ray were going to show up at her house. It was a pleasant surprise seeing Jack stop by instead. I kind of missed seeing them, only because I am anxious to know what their next move is.

Paul: I never thought i'd enjoy an episode minus these two. It shows that the writers can put out stellar episodes when the Perry and Ray storyline concludes. 

Zoe is the stalker. React.

Stacy: I'm glad they didn't go with the more obvious choice of one of the exes. I kind of got the feeling it might be Zoe when she jumped at the chance to have Nicole stay with her, but I still thought she was a good choice. She was completely psycho, that's for sure!

Allison: Okay, so she wants to get married, and then they are going to die together in the ocean? It is a little strange, but then again, Zoe was not mentally stable. I am glad it wasn't an ex because it would have been really predictable. Also, I'm glad the parents of the kid who drowned didn't go revenge crazy.

Amy: When Nicole was hanging out with Zoe I got a weird vibe from Zoe, and I knew right then that Zoe was the stalker. My thought was that Zoe was jealous of Nicole because of how popular she was, I did not imagine that she was actually in love with her. Great case this week.

Paul: I was really shocked that Zoe was the stalker. I didn't expect this at all. If anything, I thought it was going to be the exes together. That would have been crazy. 

Paul Dailly is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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